buzzard[1]Twenty plus years ago, when I was working in a laboratory, I also had a small business called “The Write Hook.” I wrote poetry that roasted individuals by getting personal information about the “Victim” from friends and family. It was to be a comedic, two page, with 10 – four line stanzas. Often when I was on a roll, they would get more than their money’s worth. I will share with you the long poem that I based my fellow co-workers’ names hidden by rearranging their names and spellings and allowing them to figure out who was who. I was always the one they came to when an employee was transferring, retiring or leaving the Lab. It was all in fun with many laughs during the go away dinner. So, following this, I will print the long Halloween poem for your reading pleasure.


‘Tis I that gaze by Crystal Glass,
Into the Magical Orb of Mystic Gas,
The time of Witching is near at hand,
I foretell to all of the murderous land.

This Night of Terror – this Hallowed Eve
Begins the haunt – the wretched grieve.
In lieu of casting spells of division,
I relate to thee tales of a grisly vision.

The first appears into my sight,
Count Zacula looms about the night.
With a blackened cape and blooded fangs,
He victimizes gathering gangs.

Within the mist is a Coven of Cackles,
The eldest two raise a raven’s hackles.
The other three stir the cauldron cuisine,
An appalling Coven – couldn’t count to thirteen.

The eldest Warlock resides in the Wood,
Had magical powers since early childhood.
Forever engrossed with measures of motion,
Puppets a magician named Bowel of Potion.

A cruising Ghost surrounds its’ haunt,
While the Wolfen beast howls with vicious taunt.
The specter, Sir WIlliam, drifts on lightly,
Their graves were robbed, now they wander nightly.

The Zombie Zoma, whose tongue is now dead,
Was found sleeping in a witch’s bed.
And Lord Bradwick, a gruesome sort was he,
He sang to his victims while sawing a knee.

The Marquis De Juse, a torturous Rogue,
His accomplice, an Ogre, named Guyster from Brogue.
Fiendishly flog the locals, ’tis sad,
Their castle screams out with poor women gone mad.

The Crystal seems a bit dense in a spot,
But wait—I spot a diabolical plot.
John the Maggot and Pattrock Pistolier,
Cursed the beggars with torture and fear.

With devious snorts they stir with motions,
On vibrating machines that need no potions.
The pain is inflicted on the wretched few,
When finally done, the wretched did spew.

James Angelicus was a militant bore,
He victimized soldiers from within the core.
A doctor of medicine he did proclaim,
With leeches, he blood-lets, so he’ll not take the blame.

The cloud dissipates to view William the Tailor,
A cruel one he’d be to each woman and sailor.
The word, a tale, about his wife and a tar,
They found both of them pickled in a large glass jar.

Robert of Telvick, the Butcher of Pigs,
With cleaver in hand, he severs then digs.
A bloody hacker, he grinned – he’s insane,
He lures poor women who walk with a cane.

Torrie of Shingra, a most vile Cur,
With polite attitudes, he answers with sir.
He stalks the wharf with a long narrow blade,
He slits throats of seamen, who just got paid.

The Crystal grows darker with stains of blood,
I cannot see through the liquid flood.
But again it clears for me to tell,
Of a man who rings the tower bell.

William Offenmad, the Hunchback of Gong,
He despised the most beauteous maidens of song.
He limps down stairs into the cold night,
He strangles young maidens with all of his might.

William Noel whose passion was quite plain,
He ate almost nothing to be thinner – such vain.
Captures victims and abuses them with garlic breath,
His ultimate torture is to starve them to death.

These tales of the macabre are shown to me,
Be assured if you wander out you will see.
So avoid the treacherous night of question,
Many more ghouls are still for the mention.

They silently called him the Eel of Brew,
A short mean scoundrel slobbered with stew.
Do not overestimate this vicious runt,
His victims’ appendages were removed with a grunt.

Burgermeister Dane, hosted parties for some,
He offered barrel upon barrel of sweet tasting rum.
Young ladies in the parlor, voicing lilts that were sung,
Sweet rum was laced with arsenic and dung.

Ludvik Von Stefon, a judging sadistic knave,
His court was composed of those who misbehave.
No matter the crime the verdict still rang,
“You steal, you maim, you rape, so you hang.”

Yingle of Hirsh was of Norman Class,
His precipitous life was notoriously crass.
He hid beneath bridges until passers strolled by,
He would gouge out their eyes and laugh while they cry.

Robert the Miller and James Coppersmith,
Worked close by – the tale’s not a myth.
They built barrels of a magnum prize,
To ensure the fit of severed victims’ size.

Farrtus the Monk – blest was not he,
Evil he wrought as he drank his cold tea.
He’d hear one’s confession, forgive them their sins,
He’d tie them and gas them, then rip off their skins.

Donald of Wolcott, the Shepherd’s son,
Cruel that he was, he had his own fun.
The staff he held tight, he used to kill,
By crushing head upon head on the adjoining hill.

Captain Heinball a seafaring slug,
Pretended to know of treasures to be dug.
Invited his victims to a far off land,
He’d gore the poor souls with his one hooked hand.

David of Carlton the storekeeper’s aid,
Fell in love with the owner’s cute maid.
She found him ugly and rebuked his advance,
He impaled her heart with a long pointed lance.

Bucktooth James, a trainer of horses,
Gave havoc to those of questionable sources.
He would ride his black stallion with vengeance and style,
Until the person was trampled, into a small, bloody pile.

Jack of Beary Castle, Keeper of the Gate,
Had tools he used to bludgeon his mate.
This crazed old man wore a long heavy coat,
His spouse was found floating in the wide castle moat.

Pablo the Wood Wright, leers with a glance,
Carved crosses and coffins—he’d work then he’d dance.
Do not ever ask to watch while he works,
Driving stakes through hearts is one of his quirks.

Gorfton Dickens lived in a wide marsh bog,
He eyed folks meandering through the dense fog.
All that ambled within his domain,
Disappeared forever, except, one that was maimed.

Kefiver Richards, the Master of Flog,
Routinely partook of way too much grog.
He subdued his captives and tied them to birch,
He flogged their backsides and donated meat to the church.

Kellton of Kierat was a minuscule flunky,
As he watched his master leave on a donkey,
He would depart on occasion ‘til he met a young girl,
He’d decapitate the lass as quick as a whirl.

Viceroy Vincent of Dills Castle fame,
He tortured his lackeys to toil in his name.
His despicable trait, he wanted to sate,
He turned men into eunuchs to protect his own mate.

Josef Kreegen worked among stone,
He hammered, carved and his acts he’d condone.
At night he would stagger, his hands all of blood,
Slaughtered felines and canines and buried them in mud.

Robert Murphy, a scurrilous scab,
He tortured women with his attire so drab.
His oratory plagiarized, his eyesight so poor,
Heartless bodies remained, so quick it would blur.

Shorty Longer, carries naught a cure,
Innocent he seemed of heart so pure.
A surprise to young lasses in the town of Keper,
They knew not his disease, for he was a leper.

George the Hermit, who lived in a cave,
He scouted for travelers – a girl or a knave.
He’d viciously drop them into a deep pit,
He later binds them as dinner, upon his large spit.

An apparition from Pavlon was the Messenger of Death,
Who once named Daniel, he cursed under his breath.
He dreamt of haunting a most enormous church,
But he terrorized his victims in an outhouse of birch.

Carig the Rapier whose skill with a blade,
He hunted down peasants and often a maid.
This vile, lecherous being belonged in a sewer,
Each torso was pierced by his blade like a skewer.

The Crest of Ronald was a distinctive shield,
It personified terror, a gargoyle on its’ field.
Notorious was he in killing his mates,
Using honey, money and charm as his baits.

Christopher Alzheimer, the Gunsmith of York,
He built weaponry that created a most vicious torque.
A tale was rumored of a friend’s poor spouse,
The blast offed her head when she called him a louse.

Twanger Jon, the Minstrel of Mirth,
Cruelty was so natural – even from birth.
His singing was pitiful, and so he knew,
He’d use a lute string and strangled you.

Garo Peck, son of Thom, we heard,
His companion was the raven – a famed luckless bird.
You’ll see him sweating while he’s chopping logs,
He axes his victims and feeds them to hogs.

Zipper the Match, he knows his game,
He taunts the peasants with his flame.
Beware of looking upon his one bad eye,
You’ll be engulfed in fire before wondering why.

Evad Youngston the denizen of Darless,
He comes once a year to sacrifice the artless.
He uses a shovel to mutilate a few,
It’s handy, you see, to kill and bury too.

Emmington Lawrence a laboratory aide,
He experiments with devices that he has made.
His deviant style is a perplexing cause,
He stuffs cadavers, with cockroaches and gauze.

And so it ends – no more, no less,
The tales of which I did profess,
Hallowed Eve is vile and ruthless,
Only I remain watchful of this gory mess.

Once again the time of hallowed tales begin,
With additions of gore, and deep chagrin,
I gaze with remorse into the glass orb,
The Crystal speaks, so heed and absorb.


Who’s to Blame for the Demise of our Government?

buzzard[1]Does anybody see the similarity between congress and a divorcing couple? The bitterness and distain for each side prolongs the agony and the squabble continues without coming to some kind of fruition. So whose fault is it really?

The GOP maintains that they prefer to keep America as it were…prosperous, while the liberals fight for massive changes to our freedoms and stability. The mindless followers of the Left continue to believe the prevaricating rhetoric of the Obama administration.

Though the president’s favorability is the lowest in history, why then do the inane voters of America continue to back this administration? Haven’t the liberals seen the devastation that is occurring? During the last six years of this administration, Mr. Obama has covertly become the presidential dictator of our time. Only a dictator continues to demand his edicts and self-sustaining views as compared to a true leader.

In European history, it was written and verified that there is a unique difference in the leadership of a country. Whenever you read a researched dissertation concerning a world leader, you begin to notice a pattern in a country that is concerned about their fellow citizens. When you read the description of a monarch when they refer to him as the King of the Scots, rather than the King of Scotland, you realize the importance of true monarch ship for the people and the direct authoritive nature of a true monarch of the people rather than a king with dictatorship qualities. And so we look at our president and wonder what is he?
Why the media keeps blaming the GOP is an unsubstantiated effort by the liberal press. Let’s look at the last six years, and perhaps you can finally get it through those undeveloped minds of those not being able to grasp the negatives of our situation. Here is a list of the administration’s anti-people stance and please contemplate the following:

• A 17 Trillion National Debt
• Record Poverty
• Fast and Furious ATF Fiasco
• Veiled Irresponsibility of Benaghazi
• Secret NSA Operations
• IRS Citizen Privacy Failure for Political Gain
• Incoherent Foreign Policy
• Obamacare – Health Premiums Up $3000
• Obamacare Online Registration Programing Incompetence
• Verbally Changing the Obamacare Law Specifics Without Legislation
• Worst Economic Recovery in our Nation’s History
• Household Incomes are Down 8%
• Most Derisive President in Office
• A Record 12 Million People on Food Stamps
• 10 Million Out of the Labor Force since 2009
• Transformation of Workers from Full-time to Part-Time Employment
• Secret Intelligence Leaks
• Nuclear Iran Resolve Incapability
• Lacking Leadership

When faced with all these events, how can anyone not see the ruination of America? Inducing social equality (Socialism, the precursor for Communism) causes the destruction of a nation that is guaranteed by our Constitution and snubbed by our failing president and his administrative advisory appointees.

I want to make a few comparisons for all of you. Please take this to heart as it is beginning to shape our country accordingly and perhaps destructively.

In 494 BC, Plebeians rebel against the Patricians, the beginning of class wars (sound familiar?) Later in 486 BC, Consul Spurius Cassius proposes land redistribution to the poor, but was murdered. In 509 BC, the last king was expelled and Rome becomes a Republic (our revolutionary war.)

As 450 BC comes around, Twelve Tablets of the Roman Law was re-enacted (our Constitution.) In 376 BC, Licinius and Sextius propose laws to appease the Plebeians, but the Senate postpones them indefinitely (how’s that for coincidence?), and 11 years later, the laws were enacted.

Wars and prosperity continue. And in 133 BC, Tiberius Gracchus enacts the redistribution of land to poor farmers but was assassinated along with 300 supporters. Moving forward, in 90 BC, Central and Southern Italians start the “Social Wars” over the issue of citizenship (sounds like our illegal alien fiasco.)

In 64 AD, Emperor Nero sets fire to Rome and blames the Christians (Obama doesn’t take responsibility and blames everyone else and the Christian Right.) The fall of Rome began with the Visigoths invasion in 410 AD, and in 711 AD, they were taken over by the Moors. It wasn’t until Charlemagne’s conquests creating some semblance of peace with the tolerance of Christianity. The fall of the Roman Empire occurred and a new empire began.

It is the fault of the administration and the liberals that deny our people their rights of liberty and happiness to live the way we desire to protect our families. They are the blame for our problems, not the GOP. The president just needs to understand that he is our servant and he must react with proactive means to listen to us as a whole nation, not as segments within the populace.

I look at the history of Rome and I see the downfall of our nation as it seems to progress to the final chapter of our demise unless we, the people, finally wake up. This includes all the liberals, especially our youth and the dissenters of the GOP. We take our stand to save our nation’s problems, not to make it worse as our president seems to aspire and maintain. It is the final reckoning we do not want to face. And by not defeating the scourging of our citizenry, we must resolve our true course to rebuild the strength and survival of our country’s precious decency and historical past.

The Covert Revolution for Socialism

buzzard[1]I do not understand how anyone can believe somebody spouting their distain when they are suing a health provider (doctors) of malpractice. It also increases the cost of healthcare. Whether that is right or wrong is not for me to judge.

Why people cannot think for themselves, in lieu of acting like bleating lost sheep, agreeing and echoing what they have not taken time to peruse and understand the resulting issues of this Obamacare fiasco. The biggest concern is rising costs that will be placed on the populace and creating a new tax through a backdoor loophole. It doesn’t matter if it is the law. Prohibition was a law, and it was repealed, so that is a flimsy excuse.

Liberals maintain a need, conservatives are opposed. Obamacare targets its burden predominantly on young workers so our elderly will have lower costs of healthcare. This is a more serious threat (scam) than social security. Social security was introduced for folks who did not have funds, the skills, or the opportunity to put money away for retirement. The plan was to help prevent the elderly from consequential poverty by having every worker provide a small amount to the government (for their coiffures) for future disbursement. With disability fraud, couples having reduction of births for future funding, the government borrows (misappropriates) from that account, promising to replace it. How is that conceivable with a $17 trillion debt? Presently the whining is social security will not be viable in the future. Whose fault is that?

Perhaps the government should put an individual’s contribution into a private savings account, payable only when it can be accessed for either disability or retirement. That way the government cannot touch it and if the person expires, it will transfer to an heir.

Understanding Obamacare is an exercise in obscurity. What we do know is; it is not a lower cost to the populace, and that is a viable fact. Young workers feel healthcare is unnecessary and would rather not pay the high cost of healthcare and would opt to the lower penalty (tax) fee. If they ever need insurance, they can always obtain a policy after the fact. There are other issues too numerous to discuss in this forum.

What do you say to a father with six children (and a wife) wanting to adopt two more, when presently his insurance cost is just under $500 per month and his insurance company sends him a letter stating that come January 2014, his premium will automatically be raised to just under $1400 per month, before he can adopt two more kids. His dilemma of choice is that the Blue Cross policy he currently has is his only option. All other companies have either left or are limited to other counties in his state. Tell me, how do you respond to that ‘low cost’ insurance?

That is just one example. There are insurance companies that offer policies for individuals with pre-existing illnesses. The biggest problem is the government will not allow health insurance companies to cross state lines. That would lower costs of healthcare and low cost wars will ensue.

There are viable healthcare opportunities for people who need them now without Obamacare. People with lower income can get it through the County Welfare office of their state and without cost. So any excuse of ‘needing it for the poor who can’t afford it’ is nothing but a prevarication.

Vladimir Lenin was quoted once in saying, and I’m paraphrasing, the government must control the healthcare system and in doing so, it creates a socialist state. He also stated,”The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”

Margaret Thatcher wrote, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”

No truer words were spoken than the words of Lyn Nofziger, “The reason this country continues its drift toward socialism and big nanny government is because too many people vote in the expectation of getting something for nothing, not because they have a concern for what is good for the country. “

Do your homework people and don’t believe the status quo. We, as a nation are not that ignorant, but many are just too lazy to research it on their own. Blind followers are the enigma of our society. Believing passionate and articulate speakers, without justification, is not an excuse.

The Higgs-Faith Collision

buzzard[1]Today two renowned physicists received the Nobel Prize for Physics. These two men independently worked on the Higgs Theory in the 1960’s and it wasn’t until today that they finally were rewarded for their outstanding work in their field.

They theorized and explained how matter formed after the Big Bang. This theory exhibited the fundamental building blocks of the universe clumped together, gained mass and formed what we now see around us. This presumptive theory was centered on the existence of a subatomic particle that was termed as the Higgs boson – or better known as the “God Particle.”

The scientists at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) used the 17-mile particle collider located in a tunnel under the French-Swiss border, and finally discovered the Higgs boson particle. It was a breakthrough and a milestone in the scientific world.

The theoretical aspect was the existence of an invisible field that sprawls in space, a sort of net. These building blocks of matter, they theorized, acquired mass when this netted field captured them. As the universe cooled, the atoms formed and eventually formed what we now know as the planets and stars.

Since all fields are associated with particles, the suggestion was to search for the Higgs boson. Last year was the confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson particle. One collision per trillion produces a Higgs boson in the massive atom collider, however it took months following the discovery of the Higgs-like boson particle to verify and conclude that the particle was indeed very much like the one that was expected in the original formulation of the theory.

Now the question arises. Will this discovery conflict with the kerygma of biblical writings and will the faithful understand that science has provided a powerful alternative answer to the creation of our planet? Faith is an extremely strong emotion. Often facts will be denied in the face of dogma and so there will always be conflict between the two until one of two things happen. Either the visitors of other planets finally land and reveal to us the true reason for our existence or a spiritual event will occur proving the non-existence or existence of the deity that many believe in. It will upset the status quo for all since it will provide facts for a new revelation.

Perhaps when and if either occurrence happens, it may finally bring peace to this world of chaos. It will be a new beginning that this world has never experienced since man began walking on this earth. It might bring a new passion of learning and innovation to better the lives of all, and perhaps, it will finally solve the problems concerning poverty, greed, and tyrannical leaders, that we continually face and see around the world.

Trading Spaces – The Toggling of Friendship

buzzard[1]You might read the title and ask yourself, “What does it mean trading spaces?” All through history, we have read about friendships and how it impacted those written about. You even read it in mythical epics and find it in all ethnic relationships. So how is friendship important to you?

Friendships are heartfelt relationships. Some are extremely strong and many are just average. But why is friendship such a variable issue in our lives? From the time you are aware of other kids around you, and finally begin to socialize with others, you unconscientiously begin making friends because you like them being around doing things together. We never think at that youthful age, what it is or why it exists, until you get a little older and begin gaining some wisdom concerning the loyalty, caring, and happiness that bonds you to that person.

Little did we know that as you age, journeying through a year of kindergarten and the halls of grammar school, we would not fully be prepared for what the vicissitudes of situations and friendships we will encounter during the next four short years ahead. The years prior to this next phase of our lives are only memories that we now hold in our minds. Not all the friendships we found early in life will continue as we transform our paths from one objective to the next. The middle teenage years inaugurates the manipulation of our minds, our hearts, and our love for the friends we now yearn to accept into our lives.

I know that not all those first friendships were full-blown. They were just buds on a rose bush, thorns and all, the good and the bad. The passing of our youth, progressing into that mini adult stage, is the blossoming of the true friendships we will encounter. These new relationships are the toggling and trading of friendships from old to new. The old will soon turn into a mist in our minds because we were too young to understand the importance of it. It did not penetrate deeply enough because of our young undeveloped minds.

It is now the dawn of four years of much trial and error. Our minds face the onset of hormones, our likes and hates, our trusts and loves, and eventually the fruition of all these emotional conflicts on the last day of those years. It was a time of licenses and driving cars, of dating and breaking up, working, studying, sports, and picking and choosing which friendship is more important than another.

As we leave those teenage years behind, we look forward to achieving goals, new places, new jobs, and new relationships. Some will become permanent and many will pass and be forgotten because of changes we make from one place to another. We trade relationships once again, but for some of us, we burn our past relationships deep into our memories, knowing we will never experience those feelings again. We trade our past into a future of unknown circumstances. Often it is trial and error once more, until we find that niche in life called family.

We work, vacation, and create more new friendships until we face that time we all dread, the fall and winter of our lives. How often will we ever get the chance to relive that past? How often do we remember those that were the best influences of our characters? Is it nostalgia or is it depression? Is it better to smile and laugh about those years of remembrance or sink into that ravine that speaks to our minds, it is no use, it’s over.

We faced a changing of an era. It was once our time to be nutty, serious and daring. Now we often feel downtrodden. Our children are grown, and their children begin the cycle we all once shared. We hope they will enjoy the same glorious times we have experienced in life.

This old man, sits and composes the thoughts of those who know the truth of having friendships. He, for one, won’t allow himself to forget. It means too much to throw away the memories that molded his aging future. He will struggle to gain what has been lost for so many years, and keep those memories intact and smiling. He will be thankful that when he reaches that day of finality, he looks back and knows he has done his very best to remember and share all that he had seen and felt.

Masquerading Women and Their Emotional Characteristics – Part Three

Spider-Web RFPbuzzard[1]

In this final part of the series, I will describe but limit the basic correlation of color versus emotional character traits.  Though it does apply to both sexes, I predominately prefer working with the female because of their complexities.  The following color chart is in no specific order.

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Yellow

When these colors are offered to someone, I ask to place the colors from the most liked to the least liked.  I explain that it isn’t necessary to associate any of the colors to anyone or any one thing.  I will also ask the woman the color of her eyes, to look at her fingernails, and if possible her toes.  I ask if she smokes.  And I look at her face and what she is wearing.  All these factors will eventually coincide with the color configuration she has chosen.  However, I won’t reveal the critical aspects of the associated reasons in total because it is so complex for someone not familiar with the analysis study.  I am avoiding a person with no study of the comparisons and create faulty assumptions and character analysis.

Let’s begin with the reasons behind the choices.  Blue, red, and yellow are in opposition to green, violet, and brown.  Gray and black are basically neutral, but can influence the other colors.  The complexities of the test are the relationships of the colors to each other and also where they fall in the order they were chosen.  The observation of the choices delineates the positive traits and portrays the traits that need to be explored to improve the character of the individual.

There is also another characteristic that can be revealed by the test, but it was only exposed to me after so many examples over the years. I was able to often conclude a woman’s sexual orientation and/or favorite sexual position.  It was an accidental recognition of the trait over the years study. As a personal note; any man would give anything to be able to foresee this particular trait, especially when you can analyze it in a short period of time.  But it would also increase the man’s capability to realize and provide an insight to a woman’s variation of likes and dislikes, her particular sexual position, and the concern for her needs for a more satisfying sexual encounter.  This is more specifically considered strictly for the woman.  I had, at times, queried women and it was verified what I already knew.

I will now explain the basics of the colors. In no specific order, let’s begin with:

  • Blue – This color represents calmness.  It has a pacifying effect on the body.  It reduces one’s anxiety and it increases that effect when one is ill.  As the need for blue increases, mentally, one can be easily hurt and the propensity to be more sensitive is increased.  It is represented in both physical and cerebral characteristics.
  • Green – This color places a distinct value on the self or ‘I’.   Green relates to the increase of security and self-esteem.  So achievements in all sorts of categories are possible due to one’s self-assertiveness.  One often expects a certain amount of submissiveness from people associated with him/her.
  • Red – This color represents a physical characteristic of energy expansion.  It also implies a desire and craving in all forms of one’s physical and mental forces.  Red is the impact and force of one’s will as opposed to green’s pliability of the will.  It is a formidable usage of vitality and sexual potency in its transformation of modifying one’s focus on any desired activity.
  • Yellow – This is a very cheerful color.  As opposed to red that is stimulative, yellow is more suggestive.  It is also a sign of intense relaxation that pushes away, problems, burdens, or restrictions of routine activities.  It also represents an uninhibited attitude toward relationships and activities.  (Note: I once had a manager who said that he liked someone who shows some lack of industriousness or subtle laziness.  The reason being that those individuals have the tenacity to find shorter methods and procedures for defining solutions for problems extending to one’s goals or achievements.)
  • Violet – This color is a combination of the red and blue configuration.  Violet tries to wed the impetuosity of red and the temperate surrender of the color blue. In doing so. It is the representative of connection.  I must quote Dr. Lüscher here because of the intensity of the characteristic, “…this is a mystic union, with a high degree of sensitive intimacy leading to complete fusion between subject and object, so that everything that is thought and desired must become a reality.” This unity insinuates an enchantment or a dream misconstrued to be fact.  It is a dream of a magical state where wishes are fulfilled.  I person attempts to attain a “magical” relationship.  A person then becomes this charming character to enchant others and to create and be a fascination to them.
  • Brown – This color dampens the serene character of an individual.  It therefore denies the creativity of one’s impulses.  Vigor or vitality is not as effective but it becomes a trait of receptive passiveness and increases a person’s sensuous moods. It also places a valuable aspect to family and home life. But it can be a precious need to be more gregarious, secure and the search for the companionship of one’s own kind. It is a powerful color that indicates, in a particular set position, the increase of the necessity for physical or sexual contentment and release to relieve any type of personal conflicts.
  • Black – This is a color that is the finite boundary beyond the ceasing of life. It is a negation of or extinction of expressionism.  It is a symbolic characteristic of the ultimate surrender or abandonment with a strong influence and enforcement of any color it is near.  It is a symbol of an obstinate protest of the status quo with the idea of nothing is as it should be according to the individual’s state of mind.  This characteristic indicates a possible irresponsible action of revolt.
  • Gray The neutrality of gray is the separation or a defining region between two separate characteristics.  It is an indicator of insulation, a shielding from influences, and an act of unwilling participation.  It is an unrealized action of dealing with the mechanics and artificiality of situations with anything related to the individual.  The position of gray is a defined characteristic that may also be a reversal of the previous actions.  It is definitely a very critical color when it comes to the character of the individual and the surrounding relationships one is faced with.

Though the title of the series if specified toward women, I just wanted to show how the characteristics of women are influenced and hidden from the eyes of others, including other women and men.  But unconscientiously, color affects each one of us on a daily basis.  As I mentioned in Part One, the clothes you wear will set the mood for the day until you change it.  If you are aware the perplexity of the color, your choice will be obviously a more conscious selection rather than an unconscious act.  In all the years of testing, there is one particular configuration of colors that reflect the actions of nymphomania and the satyr.  I had only verified a total of three such women but not any specific men.  As we all know a majority of men always act like satyrs, even though for many it is a lost cause.

Imagine if at an interview the interviewer gave you a sheet of paper with the color chart and the other traits I spoke of earlier, and requested you answer them.  It would be considered a psychological test review needed for employment. Before the prospective applicant provides the test answers, the only thing the employer needs to know prior is if the person is qualified by his ability and education.  If the person gets hired and is on a trial period, the employer can use the test and subsequently be aware of the person’s work ethics and personality, with respect to others. It can also possibly indicate unsatisfying aspects of character that may be an influence to his future dismissal or possibly a necessary discussion to help the applicant improve his/her character.

Admittedly, when I occasionally did this test, word spread, and I was referred to as the ‘Color Man’.  Most of them were women who were anxious to know about themselves and they were eventually quite shocked when they realized how specifically accurate it was.  But they also realized the small deficiencies in their character and I did see some changes later in the days ahead for those that I saw occasionally.

I apologize for refraining from getting too specific about the physical characteristics associated with the colors.  It is my safeguard against the improper deduction of the resulting analyses.  I thank you for your patience for the longevity of this series.  I hope you will see the value of its merits.  I welcome comments if you need to ask.  We all have something to hide, but invariably, it is often always exposed.