Who’s to Blame for the Demise of our Government?

buzzard[1]Does anybody see the similarity between congress and a divorcing couple? The bitterness and distain for each side prolongs the agony and the squabble continues without coming to some kind of fruition. So whose fault is it really?

The GOP maintains that they prefer to keep America as it were…prosperous, while the liberals fight for massive changes to our freedoms and stability. The mindless followers of the Left continue to believe the prevaricating rhetoric of the Obama administration.

Though the president’s favorability is the lowest in history, why then do the inane voters of America continue to back this administration? Haven’t the liberals seen the devastation that is occurring? During the last six years of this administration, Mr. Obama has covertly become the presidential dictator of our time. Only a dictator continues to demand his edicts and self-sustaining views as compared to a true leader.

In European history, it was written and verified that there is a unique difference in the leadership of a country. Whenever you read a researched dissertation concerning a world leader, you begin to notice a pattern in a country that is concerned about their fellow citizens. When you read the description of a monarch when they refer to him as the King of the Scots, rather than the King of Scotland, you realize the importance of true monarch ship for the people and the direct authoritive nature of a true monarch of the people rather than a king with dictatorship qualities. And so we look at our president and wonder what is he?
Why the media keeps blaming the GOP is an unsubstantiated effort by the liberal press. Let’s look at the last six years, and perhaps you can finally get it through those undeveloped minds of those not being able to grasp the negatives of our situation. Here is a list of the administration’s anti-people stance and please contemplate the following:

• A 17 Trillion National Debt
• Record Poverty
• Fast and Furious ATF Fiasco
• Veiled Irresponsibility of Benaghazi
• Secret NSA Operations
• IRS Citizen Privacy Failure for Political Gain
• Incoherent Foreign Policy
• Obamacare – Health Premiums Up $3000
• Obamacare Online Registration Programing Incompetence
• Verbally Changing the Obamacare Law Specifics Without Legislation
• Worst Economic Recovery in our Nation’s History
• Household Incomes are Down 8%
• Most Derisive President in Office
• A Record 12 Million People on Food Stamps
• 10 Million Out of the Labor Force since 2009
• Transformation of Workers from Full-time to Part-Time Employment
• Secret Intelligence Leaks
• Nuclear Iran Resolve Incapability
• Lacking Leadership

When faced with all these events, how can anyone not see the ruination of America? Inducing social equality (Socialism, the precursor for Communism) causes the destruction of a nation that is guaranteed by our Constitution and snubbed by our failing president and his administrative advisory appointees.

I want to make a few comparisons for all of you. Please take this to heart as it is beginning to shape our country accordingly and perhaps destructively.

In 494 BC, Plebeians rebel against the Patricians, the beginning of class wars (sound familiar?) Later in 486 BC, Consul Spurius Cassius proposes land redistribution to the poor, but was murdered. In 509 BC, the last king was expelled and Rome becomes a Republic (our revolutionary war.)

As 450 BC comes around, Twelve Tablets of the Roman Law was re-enacted (our Constitution.) In 376 BC, Licinius and Sextius propose laws to appease the Plebeians, but the Senate postpones them indefinitely (how’s that for coincidence?), and 11 years later, the laws were enacted.

Wars and prosperity continue. And in 133 BC, Tiberius Gracchus enacts the redistribution of land to poor farmers but was assassinated along with 300 supporters. Moving forward, in 90 BC, Central and Southern Italians start the “Social Wars” over the issue of citizenship (sounds like our illegal alien fiasco.)

In 64 AD, Emperor Nero sets fire to Rome and blames the Christians (Obama doesn’t take responsibility and blames everyone else and the Christian Right.) The fall of Rome began with the Visigoths invasion in 410 AD, and in 711 AD, they were taken over by the Moors. It wasn’t until Charlemagne’s conquests creating some semblance of peace with the tolerance of Christianity. The fall of the Roman Empire occurred and a new empire began.

It is the fault of the administration and the liberals that deny our people their rights of liberty and happiness to live the way we desire to protect our families. They are the blame for our problems, not the GOP. The president just needs to understand that he is our servant and he must react with proactive means to listen to us as a whole nation, not as segments within the populace.

I look at the history of Rome and I see the downfall of our nation as it seems to progress to the final chapter of our demise unless we, the people, finally wake up. This includes all the liberals, especially our youth and the dissenters of the GOP. We take our stand to save our nation’s problems, not to make it worse as our president seems to aspire and maintain. It is the final reckoning we do not want to face. And by not defeating the scourging of our citizenry, we must resolve our true course to rebuild the strength and survival of our country’s precious decency and historical past.



  1. buzzard33 said,

    October 17, 2013 at 15:53

    No truer words can be said Henshaw……

  2. Henshaw said,

    October 17, 2013 at 14:43

    I blame the American people. You can’t have a free for all of government services, economic prosperity, and low taxes. Americans want all three things and it’s impossible.

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