Crackdown on School Lunches

Are you still hungry?

Typical School Lunch



Every week, our local Sunday paper poses a question to a few random students.  This week it was how they felt concerning the lunches and the nutritious values.  I would have to agree with the majority of the kids.  It is terrible tasting and unappealing most of the time.

I do not understand why we accept Federal Government mandates that twist the schools into serving such crap to our kids all for the sake of nutrition.  The government funds education so they feel they have the right to do what they demand regardless of what the kids or parents think.  The agenda of the White House “sitting mother” decides to advocate healthy foods.  Yet she often feeds her kids the same “garbage” that she advocates is not healthy.  Video blurbs document it as we have all seen.

I have read where one school cafeteria monitor took away a child’s brown bad lunch because it was not healthy according to the school standards.  What right does a school monitor have the right to trump a parent’s right to feed their child via a brown bag cuisine?  After the uproar from parents went ballistic on the televised news, the school faced total embarrassment and made a policy change with a reprimand of said monitor.

I hate to bring up the past, but when I was in high school in the late 1960’s, the food was darn near what the food channel terms as “comfort foods”.  I was a typical nerd (with a pocket protector) but I was athletic as well.  I was on the swim team, but after school I was a YMCA Leader‘s Club volunteer member that taught kids basic gymnastics, like trampoline, tumbling, and vaulting.  Swimming was also a part of that ordeal.  I did all of that and even ran 3 to 10 miles a day, all the while I was teaching music professionally at 17 years of age at a private music school across the street from the “Y”.

I was a cool 185 lbs. throughout high school (most of the way though my Navy years until I got married) and I held 2 records for eating.  Bragging, no, I’m just stating a fact as to what the asinine government is doing to our kids.  I often carried two trays of food into the cafeteria.  Our ladies that cooked were terrific.  The two records were the result of the fastest time to down one meal and the other was the most eaten at one sitting.  It was just a passing phase of my life.  The chubby kid, who wanted to eat against me, turned tail when he saw me devour 4 trays at one sitting when my friends offered to pay for it.  Obesity in our high school was at a minimum as gym classes were a part of our school schedule.

I am just saying that if a young child or teen is active enough, he/she will burn all that out of their system.  Denying them the right to enjoy decent food menus is insane.  We, as adults, have the ability to understand our physical makeup and we can make those choices.  We have the tools and the know how to regulate those pounds.  Aging and cell degeneration is a fact for everyone in life.  If you think that child obesity is a big problem, let the parents be responsible and eventually the child will change with the advice of parental guidance no matter how they handle their approach.  Let the kids enjoy their freedom as kids and not as a government food experiment to eliminate the slim (excuse the pun) possibility of obesity.

Parents, you should revolt against the school and their government bias and let your kids enjoy whatever they want to eat.  They are only young once and they do not need the constant push into adulthood until it’s their time to take onus of their adult lives.  As adults, they will have the choice of continuing their lives however they choose, and at whenever weight they wish to keep.

When I was young, I wouldn’t eat liver and onions or green beans.  I didn’t eat asparagus or brussel sprouts because my parents were from the old European generation of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.  They ate the basics and I did the same.  Adulthood gave way to changing taste buds and many new items are on my menu today, including those items mentioned.

There will always be kids with weight problems.  In my day, we were out practically every day doing something, a pickup softball game, or a football game.  Bike trips were always something to do.  We invented games to keep us busy, both physical and mental.  Parents need to get their kids up off their asses and have them do activities that encourage exercise.  A schedule for homework is vital and the video games and TV are secondary.

I realize the electronic technology draws the intellectual interest of any child but when they ignore you when you are trying to talk to them, it is time to say, “Not now and no more until…”.  When the daily occupation of a video game is there, the imagination of every child is at risk   Trust me when I say, I enjoyed PONG when it first came out, as well as the games after, but by that time I was an adult with a degree in electronics and I built the color TV I was playing on.  We need those kids to wonder about how to do things and make good things happen.  That’s how we should approach our children.

Food regulation is only a small part of our nation’s problem.  Everywhere there are food police waiting to put their progressive agendas to work and make you pawns of their tyrannical power grab.  If you are a Vegan or a vegetarian and that is your desire, then good for you.  Kids under the age of 18 should not be vegetarians.  They need everything including proteins and carbs to make their bodies solid for activities.

So don’t preach to me with your power push and make me your pet.  I have the freedom to choose just as you do.  Keep your priorities to yourself and if you need to save someone else, bite your tongue and read the Constitution concerning freedom of choice.  There is no freedom to persecute me into a raving madman.



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