Trading Spaces – The Toggling of Friendship

buzzard[1]You might read the title and ask yourself, “What does it mean trading spaces?” All through history, we have read about friendships and how it impacted those written about. You even read it in mythical epics and find it in all ethnic relationships. So how is friendship important to you?

Friendships are heartfelt relationships. Some are extremely strong and many are just average. But why is friendship such a variable issue in our lives? From the time you are aware of other kids around you, and finally begin to socialize with others, you unconscientiously begin making friends because you like them being around doing things together. We never think at that youthful age, what it is or why it exists, until you get a little older and begin gaining some wisdom concerning the loyalty, caring, and happiness that bonds you to that person.

Little did we know that as you age, journeying through a year of kindergarten and the halls of grammar school, we would not fully be prepared for what the vicissitudes of situations and friendships we will encounter during the next four short years ahead. The years prior to this next phase of our lives are only memories that we now hold in our minds. Not all the friendships we found early in life will continue as we transform our paths from one objective to the next. The middle teenage years inaugurates the manipulation of our minds, our hearts, and our love for the friends we now yearn to accept into our lives.

I know that not all those first friendships were full-blown. They were just buds on a rose bush, thorns and all, the good and the bad. The passing of our youth, progressing into that mini adult stage, is the blossoming of the true friendships we will encounter. These new relationships are the toggling and trading of friendships from old to new. The old will soon turn into a mist in our minds because we were too young to understand the importance of it. It did not penetrate deeply enough because of our young undeveloped minds.

It is now the dawn of four years of much trial and error. Our minds face the onset of hormones, our likes and hates, our trusts and loves, and eventually the fruition of all these emotional conflicts on the last day of those years. It was a time of licenses and driving cars, of dating and breaking up, working, studying, sports, and picking and choosing which friendship is more important than another.

As we leave those teenage years behind, we look forward to achieving goals, new places, new jobs, and new relationships. Some will become permanent and many will pass and be forgotten because of changes we make from one place to another. We trade relationships once again, but for some of us, we burn our past relationships deep into our memories, knowing we will never experience those feelings again. We trade our past into a future of unknown circumstances. Often it is trial and error once more, until we find that niche in life called family.

We work, vacation, and create more new friendships until we face that time we all dread, the fall and winter of our lives. How often will we ever get the chance to relive that past? How often do we remember those that were the best influences of our characters? Is it nostalgia or is it depression? Is it better to smile and laugh about those years of remembrance or sink into that ravine that speaks to our minds, it is no use, it’s over.

We faced a changing of an era. It was once our time to be nutty, serious and daring. Now we often feel downtrodden. Our children are grown, and their children begin the cycle we all once shared. We hope they will enjoy the same glorious times we have experienced in life.

This old man, sits and composes the thoughts of those who know the truth of having friendships. He, for one, won’t allow himself to forget. It means too much to throw away the memories that molded his aging future. He will struggle to gain what has been lost for so many years, and keep those memories intact and smiling. He will be thankful that when he reaches that day of finality, he looks back and knows he has done his very best to remember and share all that he had seen and felt.



  1. LFFL said,

    October 10, 2013 at 14:45

    Great article.

    • buzzard33 said,

      October 10, 2013 at 14:49

      Thanks girl…I appreciate it very much….

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