Screwing Capitalism

internet-freedom-eagle Obama's star


Here we go again.  Another executive order, wrongly justified, by our king Obama, is waiting for his signature.  He wants to give all salaried workers overtime pay.  This is another kick in the ass to our capitalistic economy.  It will hurt not only businesses but also the employee.

The obvious destruction of business practices are goals that the Obama administration has constantly pursued with good intentions, but has repeatedly screwed the economy.  Every one of his initiatives has failed and he doesn’t take the blame for his failures, he just blames everyone and everything else.  His flawed ego and his cerebral synaptic neurotransmitters must have crossed over to that place called, “Never Never Land”.

This is another assassination of a freedom of choice.  Obama doesn’t realize salaried employees hired have a guarantee of a consistent pay scale for their work effort, something that any true mentor of business knows from experience.  I’m sure that any overtime by an employee is a decision made by the employee knowing that he/she took the job with the knowledge that time is always a factor and a choice.  A salaried employee can quit and look for a more satisfying job if he feels overtime is not their cup of tea.  An employee on the clock can have hours cut if the employer deems necessary resulting in a lower take home pay.

The most obvious problem is who will set the proposed percentage scale for salaries.  If hourly employees get time and a half and double time for their efforts after forty hours of work, would you trust the government to set the pay scale after the Obamacare ignominy?  This would be another idiotic structure failure for businesses.

Obama is now risking salaried employees of their status quo to become potential hourly paid employees.  Now the employers will be able to cut their hours and not pay the overtime all because of Obama’s tyrannical edicts.  Businesses will hire more temporary employees or part time workers to save money and insurance costs.  Does this make any logical sense?

Congress better get off their duffs and do something to stop this barrage of destroying the American Dream.

Mr. Obama has lowered the standards of our military both, land and sea, he had given away our rights to missile defense systems, put us in a national debt to a point of no return, and on top of all this he is giving away our right to the functioning of our Internet control.  He is turning this nation into a third world country and our nation’s strong leadership in this world is turning us into a global circus.


This administrative fiasco is like putting a juggler in a leadership position of aerospace engineering, with no experience whatsoever.  I haven’t seen this much ineptness since Jimmy Carter screwed up the Iranian hostage rescue when we lost helicopter troops during the ordeal.  It took a conservative Ronald Reagan to fix it.  President Reagan stopped the cold and was the catalyst that brought down the Berlin Wall.  He created his Star Wars Defense Initiative and it was the core defensive asset in the deterrence of global nuclear destruction.

star patch

It is the obligation of all of us to look at the obvious impending downfall of America.  Stop this progressive surge on our future existence by listening to those of us who believe in our economic survival.  If you want to protest something, protest those progressive professors who spew the same destructive rhetoric that is influencing our educational facilities.  If you continue to listen to those who demean conservatism and the love of all citizens to be productive for the survival of the family values, you will find yourself under the power of those who will eventually place you into government servitude and your Constitutional rights obliterated.  We must repair all the mistakes that have happened so far.  Otherwise, we will pay for it with our lives along with our future heirs.


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