Cleaning Small Battery Terminals

This is a good time for this blog because of all the electronic devices being sold. I also improved the instructions…thanks

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There are too many advice givers think that their solutions to cleaning battery leakage in a battery compartment are their best solutions.  Cleaning chemical leakage is performed carefully by simply understanding and knowing all the facts and solutions first.  A car battery is a different animal in itself.  We will just concentrate on the small portable batteries.

Note: This method can also apply to any type of connector contact areas.


Cotton swabs

Paper towels

Clean, new grease brush

Plastic picnic knife or similar

Isopropyl alcohol

Distilled water

Tarn-X® or similar

Can of compressed gas dusting air


To resurrect your non-working device, open your battery compartment and remove the batteries carefully.  Dispose of them in the proper manner as required by your local trash laws.  Most of the time you will probably see the Potassium Carbonate (CK2O3) residue on both the anode (positive +)…

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