Comatose Pennsylvania Voters

Tom WolfeTom Corbett


We now have two contenders for the Governorship of Pennsylvania, Wolfe and Corbett, Democrat and Republican.  The question is not who will be the best leader, but who is less capable of the two questionable choices.

Let’s start with the Mr. Wolfe.  He vows to tax the companies before fracking occurs and using the tax money for education, road projects, bridge repair, etc.  Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is the known as “detour, road under construction” state.  Gasoline taxes are supposed to take care of that problem.

He also wants to add funds for education, and that my friends, is nothing but a pipe dream.  Look up the statistics to see if Pennsylvania rates in the top 10% of student education in the US.  It doesn’t even come close.  The taxpayers are throwing money down the crapper trying to fund education while the unions are protecting the educators that are not doing their best.  California has the right idea of terminating tenure and firing teachers that are not capable of producing results.

There is not enough of the three R’s and Science, and they concentrate on social problems that cannot be resolved.  The Federal Government is partially to blame for all this chaos.  There is a plethora of systemic educational problems across Pennsylvania, and I do not want to discuss them in this forum.

Concerning the fracking companies, Wolfe is trying to convince the voters about the ridiculous idea of taxing them. Why not make the companies pay an excessive tax.  It will bring more money into the Pennsylvania coffers to spend on fruitless endeavors.  What a joke.  The voters must be in a coma to believe that it will be as he says.  Put a tax on the companies and the companies will only raise the rates and pass the tax onto the voters.  Just what we need, more high pricing and the voters will have additional expenses toward their bills.

Many voters who don’t understand the way government works, hence, are in a coma.  No matter what the politician promises, he is only a third of the government.  The House and Senate must also agree to that promise, else bye, bye promise.  You cannot tax a state into prosperity.

The government mandated to help the people of its state by making sure businesses are able to prosper to create jobs that are lacking.  If you create jobs, you eliminate dependency on other people and agencies.  If the government regulates the business into oblivion, jobs are lost and it creates dependency.  Do you realize that there are signs in New York that say go to Pennsylvania because it is the easiest state to get welfare.  I guess the voters want to support more out-of-state people to suckle on our taxes.

If you uneducated voters do not recognize the problems and continue to accept the futility of these progressive ideals, then you will be in dire need of help yourself one day.  Look at what Obama has created to hurt our country.  That is the same issue when it comes to not resolving our economic problems.

Governor Corbett has taken a page out of the Democratic playbook, and he is thinking of taxing the fracking companies too.  We may be in trouble now unless the congress can see through this absurdity.  Making our gasoline more expensive has put a burden on all of us.  It is unbelievable that since I was born the price of gas has gone up from 29 cents a gallon to almost $4.00 a gallon.  Much of the gasoline prices are stacked with tax upon tax.

There are too many fringe groups hurting the economy by fighting against the development of energy independence.  We can control the environmental problems even after we become independent.  Many of you are too young to remember the prediction of Carl Sagan, noted scientist, who said that if the oil wells in Kuwait are set on fire by Saddam Hussein’s forces that invaded Kuwait, there would an atmospheric dilemma causing a nuclear winter and create environmental problems.  The oil well fires were extinguished it didn’t cause environmental issues as he later recanted that concern.  I guess even a famous scientist can be wrong.

Our state government is in turmoil.  The voters better come out of their coma or zombie state, learn what is best for Pennsylvania, and not rely on more expenditures.  Other states have gone from a deficit of billions of dollars to billions in the black.  Perhaps our next governor should benchmark those states, and meet with that administration to see how it is done.

All you comatose voters get in line and educate yourselves.  Don’t vote blindly or on supposition, but vote for the best possible concern for your needs and survival in Pennsylvania’s economic future.










R.S.V.P Vladimir Putin



I cannot believe the newest idiocy by President Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry.


Not only is Obama acting like the provincial wuss, but also, he’s allowing Kerry to spew the same verbal rhetorical garbage to the media.  Obama is showing the world and especially our allies that he is spineless and talk is cheap.  He might as well just give Putin an invitation and a R.S.V.P. to come to our country and help himself,  especially now with Obama’s budget cuts to our military.  Every move backward, that Obama takes, is a forward dare by Putin.  I’m very sure Putin is watching every dysfunctional step in our government structure and he’s taking advantage of it knowing Obama has no kahunas.

With all this happening in the Crimean Peninsula and the Ukraine, what does Obama do?  He decides to let the EPA, set new restrictions on sulfur content in the gasoline production, for the second time, from 90 % to 10%.  There is no indication or evidence of why that reduction is being promulgated and enacted if it does not help the environment or our health.  All it does is increase costs of our gasoline usage by at least a dime a gallon and screws the car manufacturers by making them make changes to the manufacturing processes, resulting in higher car prices.

It’s another crushing blow to our economic struggle for improvement.    Obama might as well get on Air Force One and take a seat next to Putin in Russia, and then annex the US as Russian property.  We have two and a half years more of Obama’s dictatorship and no one is doing anything about it.  All Congress is doing is sitting on their proverbial asses and allowing Obama to do whatever the hell he wants.  Harsh language, you say, you betcha!

The safety of our country is at risk here.  And Senator Harry Reid…he’s nothing but an Obama ass kisser.  He does nothing but prevent the truth from being told for his own agendas.  I truly believe Obama wanted the presidency so that he could take numerous long vacations, play golf, and B-ball, so he didn’t have to deal with leadership, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

What happened to President Reagan’s Star Wars Initiative?  It must still exist.  We have a new ship that has laser firepower and it never misses its targets, no matter how fast the jets fly.  The power we have does not mean war, but it will be a deterrent if we stand together with a line drawn in the sand.  Where is the courage and integrity of our government to stand firm on freedom?

I read the other day about a question of what will happen if missiles are fired upon the white House.  The solution was to put up blimps in the sky and check for missiles.  How high tech is that?  By the time the blimps are in the sky, we can say good-bye to Washington, D.C., but on second thought…

It is always iffy when electing a government official.  Promises are always broken because no matter what a politician decries, he has to be backed by other politicians who may not agree.  It takes the Legislative Congress and the Executive branch to make it happen.  This is a normal standoff we experience every day, every year, and every election.  But with the powerful oration of Obama, he has convinced the “uninformed and the gullible” that he can do it and solve our problems.

Here is a man who has no experience in business, no experience in leadership, and has no common sense regarding the fundamentals of our constitutional obligations, even when he declared he was a student of the constitution.  And you, the voters, were dumb enough to fall for it.  I guess Obama’s “business” card should read, “Fire, fire, pants on fire.  I promise to tell you the lies I can muster (master)”.

I never thought I would live long enough to see a sitting president surpass the idiocy and inane term of Jimmy Carter.  Obama makes Carter look like a cub scout.  Obama has screwed the American Taxpayer with so many blatant lies.  He promoted the raising of gas prices, no foreign policies, ridiculous healthcare mandates, outrageous EPA regulations, and the destruction of energy companies, preventing business startups and creating their downfalls.

We, as targets of all this destructive and idealistic disappointments, are in dire need of investing in the most popular health product today…Preparation-H.  I remember years ago when the shoplifters made Preparation-H their number one product to steal.  Do you know why?  It helped reduce the widening of their nostril cavities when snorting continuously the abundance of cocaine.  Gee, I wonder who was the first to come up with that idea.

Are you ready for a “real” change and not a prevaricated one?  Mid-term elections are ready for your votes.  So, unless the “real” change happens in November, grab your ankles, bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye.