NYC Heading for Economic Disaster


They said a Democrat hasn’t been a major since 1989.  Now that is a stupid statement to make.  Bloomberg was a moderate Republican/Independent.  He was once a Democrat but remained a Democrat at heart.  His questionable mayoral leadership revealed all his ridiculous ideas and intentions.  I think I can place him at number 7 on the “Dumbass” scale.

Proposing a law to ban large soda cups was a strike against our freedom of choice.  Personal choice is our right not a privilege needing monitored.  I won’t continue to lose space here just to berate a past mayor, so let’s go to the next step.

The new NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio, is a would-be idiot in the making.  For the time being, I will put him one notch above Bloomberg as number 8 on the “Dumbass” scale.  His platform on income equality is another goal that is doomed for failure.  Why do I say this?  The reason is that he was backed by our elected dictator/president Obama.  He [Obama] has broken his oath, numerous times, by not defending our Constitution.  These acts, of Executive power of over-riding the law, should be punishable by both the Judicial and Legislative branches.

If De Blasio had any logical sense of intelligence, he would see that from the dawn of time, there has never been equality in income and there will never be in anyone’s lifetime.  Perhaps de Blasio is fantasizing and living in a Star Trek bubble where money is obsolete

Income equality will create more problems than he can imagine.  Raising the minimum wage would create a jobless increase when businesses decide to fire workers to compensate for keeping some at the higher minimum wage. If you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can see that the majority if minimum workers are teenagers who work for pocket money and saving for special things they want to purchase.  Waiters and waitresses are always below the minimum wage.  They are compensated for their good service with tips that usually far exceed the minimum wage cap.

An older person (20 – 30 years of age) who has lost his/her job and decides to take a minimum wage job on a temporary basis, those individuals are less than 1% of the population.  The best thing to do is find these people jobs.  Jobs increase the tax base, something that NYC is in desperate need of.

I recall traveling from Pennsylvania to Connecticut for over 50 years on Interstate 84.  The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge over the Hudson River was a bottleneck with traffic backed up for miles.  The best time was driving late night to early morning, when the traffic was slim to none.

A number of years back the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge placed a sign stating that another bridge will be built to alleviate the bottleneck and the 10-cent toll will be dropped.  The toll went up to 25-cents.  When the new bridge was complete, the toll on the westbound side heading toward Pennsylvania was dropped.  However, on the eastbound side, the toll was not dropped.  Over the years, the toll increased to $1.00, at least for now.  Take in consideration all the bridges in the New York City area.  The tolls are so high, that you need a high paying job just to pay the tolls.

De Blasio has his hands full, but I will predict that the economic structure of the city will not improve.  Not as long as economic equality is the goal for this administration.  It will be a lesson in futility for those who think that he will achieve that socialistic structure.  Education, fewer taxes, curtailing money spent for pet projects, and helping money-donating cohorts, will cause his future demise, as well as, the city’s functionality.

The downfall of NYC is looming in the shadows, and new Yorkers are blind to it.  With their selective hearing, they missed the obvious words of reason.  People of New York City, have fun eating your mistake.