Abolishing the EPA

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There are many who support the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).  But, there are many more folks, who oppose the near “tyrannical” rules enacted by the federal government.  And, it hurts the American landowner, businessman, and consumer.  It is nothing but a “hotbed” (excuse the pun) of climate change presumptive fanatics, and the representative induced survival and anti-extinction of all species known to man.

I realize my opening has a derogative message of statement, but you cannot dissociate the facts of their regulatory obsessions.

In 1990, the EPA prevented loggers and other businesses and closed certain land areas because of the Northern Spotted Owl.  They said the owls are extremely important for its habitat and survival.  So what did the EPA do?  They turned to an EPA computer modeling team and tried to answer that question by simulating spotted owl population dynamics.  Here we go again, more computer simulations that have no merit on any future dynamics.  Those spotted owls were located in many areas of the northwest, and they “computed” the solution to avoid extinction.  The government began a program to kill Barred Owls to save the declining Spotted Owl, spending 3.6 million dollars for the program to assassinate the Barred Owls.  What a government expense.  Where were the PETA people or the animal lovers protesting that ridiculous act?  Species always adapt to environment and climate changes, no matter how small or large.  If you don’t believe me, ask your local mutated Swine Flu Virus.

A landowner, who wanted to develop his land, was repudiated.  The EPI demanded.  It was an area, where a certain species of frog needs its specific environment to survive.  And so, the power of the EPA emasculated the owner and it professed its power of species over private ownership.  The fact is, that particular species of frog is not and never was anywhere close to that area of land.  So the EPA used its tyrannical power to stop a private landowner his right to make his land into a capital gain for his future financial stability.  A fantasy the EPA created for the support of some fanatics who hate capitalism.

Richard Nixon initiated the EPA in 1970, an executive order, as a reasonable protection agency.  Contrary to our present president’s actions, Nixon had it ratified by committee hearings by both houses.  Congress approved the presidential appointment of the agency administrator.  The EPA is not a Cabinet department but the administrator received cabinet rank.

With the agency’s 17,000 employees and contract hires, much of their resources are scientists and engineers.  My question is who are the “environmental protection specialists” that meander within the agency?  Are they a viable asset?  Or are they the enigmatic enforcers, who wield the power to create the havoc for citizens within the US?

I realize that the agency was designed to be a caretaker for our environment.  Over the years the agency went from a responsible level to a level of protective supremacy and pressuring Congress to enact many laws that are truly way beyond the point of sanity.  They urge government to pass laws that are so impossible to achieve that it hurts the consumer.  The potential goals of the law will never be met.  A prime example is the new filtering requirement at the coalmines that are feasibly financially devastating and kills the economic structure of the coal miners who lost their jobs.  It is killing the coal industry today.

But the president wants to replace it with “green energy” that has not become an alternative or a viable source in our present time.  Killing today’s coal market by wanting a substitute energy source is a maniacal rage that does not have a promising future, as we know it today.  Substituting a present source of energy for a dream is a demonstrative failure of this administration and the EPA.  Obama’s oration of destroying the coal mining business, and he surely has, achieved this promise for his “glowing” record of accomplishments.

I think it is time for us to have Congress review some of the impact laws to restructure some of the laws that were “intended to protect” the environment.  It obviously has not; as the dreamers of the Global Warming faction are continuing to think the earth is in peril.

In the 1970’s, I experienced the hype of Global Cooling affecting our future existence.  Forty years later I’m still waiting for blistering surges of ice and snow encompassing Florida.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, the doomsday belief initiated concern for the hole in the Ozone layer.  Protesters, convinced by scientists, petitioned the government to enact laws to prevent using CFCs, air conditioner coolants, spray cans, factory exhaust, etc. for the sake of our survival.

Later we faced an imperative solution to stop eating beef and reduce milking cows because of their continuous source of flatulence affecting the Ozone [between the rest of the animals and humans on this earth, maybe we must face extermination as well to prevent the same].  This organization tried to influence our eating behavior.  The government has added regulations that cost the consumer much more for products for a reason that did not do us harm.  The Ozone Layer closed all by itself and “earth” (oh, my hero) saved our beef and milk industry even though the group is still trying to convince us it’s bad for our health.

I’m paraphrasing a portion of a nationally printed news article, “Scientists are in a quandary about today’s Global Warming.  It has reached a constant stage level and has nearly stopped.  Previous decisions on Warming caused a global scare and now speculate the validity of this global pandemonium.  Scientists cannot fathom where excess heat is being absorbed”.

I am not a scientist, but I do have common sense.  And I have worked on statistics in component and aerospace engineering.  Specific climatic data is limited or unknown for centuries.  Scientists decided to create computerized simulation probabilities and “guess” future problems.  Results and judgments are not and were not gospel.

Earth’s resilience shall always rebound and correct its problems.  We cannot control behavior of the entire planet.  What we limit by law in the U.S. will not be limited elsewhere.  The onus is isolated to our country by fanatics and it’s a circle marked with futility.  We cannot sacrifice our standards of freedom while organizations are continuously trying to be masters of our lives.  I, for one, have my fill of it.  We can all be concerned to a degree and that’s perfectly okay.

I am too old to be worried about my future existence, but our young have not lived long enough to experience what our generation has in the last century.  Hopefully, they won’t be so gullible.

We are all concerned with the government and our healthcare.  Additionally, we have to be concerned about environmental global warming.  Both agendas are a financially, economically, and environmentally devastating to our ways of life.  Let’s all stop this fiasco concerning the government’s agendas of power grabbing.


Climate Change Presumption

Concerns on climate change are presumptuous. I cannot comment on the Antarctic ice situation as I only knew one technician that worked at the Antarctic Base. However, valued dependence on the 40 years of scientific data, by the best climactic scientists, is a false premise.
To explain the warming, it is only temporary and not an eventuality. No matter what future predictions are made and the masses adhere to the climatologists’ claims; it has already created mass absurdity. It is a superfluous malady that is difficult to rein in.
I must iterate; facts of 40 years of induced computer software data analysis is simply conjecture and not finite. Even I, at 62 years of age, learned back in 9th grade Earth Science, earth’s climate changes continuously for an uncertain period of time. This fact is definitive since we cannot alter the earth’s movement.
I’m referring to the imaginary axis between the north and south poles. Looking down on the axis at the North Pole, the earth tilts or oscillates depending on the season, forward and backward. But this is not a simple statement and should be understood in its entire context.
Global tilting is never consistent. The imaginary axis moves on a path similar to a toothed cog with uneven teeth. The tilting occurs over a period of years and never returns to exactly the previous point on the tooth. It will take a multitude of years before all tilts finally reach the peak of one tooth and a new oscillating cycle begins until the axis returns to the bottom of the gear tooth.
In retrospect, there always will be climactic changes, some better and obviously some worse. I am sure there are other atmospheric inducements to make climate unpredictable. By being hyped to make a difference trying to resolve the global warming issue is totally foolish and not a reasonable course to take. As in my previous blog, what we do to alleviate the warming problem is an act of futility. What we do here in the US of A will never be done in total by other countries. It is an uncontrollable cycling of climate change. It would better serve everyone to help people when they are devastated by our changing climate. Let’s hope a renegade asteroid doesn’t fall and alleviate all our survival problems.

The Ridiculous Hype of Global Warming

Here is another subject about hysterical groups that wallow and push their agenda for a pending world catastrophe in order to “Save the Planet.” It is always sad when there is one person who takes the lead and keeps perpetuating the agenda of Climate change even though he has no background on global education. Mr. Al Gore is nothing but a Kool-Aid server to his followers. In the 1970’s it was global cooling. In the 1980’s it was the ozone hole in the North Pole region. Since then it has been regulation to regulation to coincide with those climate and earth destruction scares.
There is always a controversy when it comes to who’s right or wrong when referencing scientific studies. Even when there is evidence of fraud and the perpetual climate scare was nothing but manufactured data, the convinced groups would not change their minds and continue to favor the idea of limiting, protesting, and pushing the government to make laws disrupting the normal course of living.
It was 1965 and I was in the 9th grade. My science teacher, Mr. Judd, explained so much in detail that it could be understood even for those who didn’t have the knack for science. He explained that the earth tilts every summer and returns during the winter. What that means is that it is summer in the northern hemisphere when the axis tilts toward the sun, and winter when then it returns. The southern hemisphere is a reversal of the same tilt.
However, there is another issue that contributes to the weather changes and that is the variations of earth’s orbital mechanics. For more info on that you can look up apsidal precession where it also deals with the earth’s elliptical orbit eccentricities.
What I want to concentrate on is the axis tilt. If you look down at the imaginary axis over a period of time, the movement is critical for those unaware of its importance. It looks like a toothed gear. But the gear teeth are never the same and each year the movement of the axis never returns to the same position. The axis tilts to 24.5° then comes back to 22.1° and back to 24.5°. The entire tilt movement takes approximately 41,000 years to complete. Just for your information, the tilt this year is at 23.44°. This tilt is now in the decreasing stage and it will be completed in the year 11,800 CE. The last maximum was reached in 8,700 BCE.
Now that you understand the complexity of the tilting with the additional orbital influence, and finally, the influence of the sun and the moon, ask yourself this question; how can anyone predict global warming with so many variables that can change each year without a constant? It can only be a wild guess, but never a finite answer.
You can look up to read about Milankovitch cycles. He describes the details including the orbital influences. Live your life without worrying about destruction. Be creative and make your life a meaningful occurrence rather than wasting time of your daily life.