R.S.V.P Vladimir Putin



I cannot believe the newest idiocy by President Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry.


Not only is Obama acting like the provincial wuss, but also, he’s allowing Kerry to spew the same verbal rhetorical garbage to the media.  Obama is showing the world and especially our allies that he is spineless and talk is cheap.  He might as well just give Putin an invitation and a R.S.V.P. to come to our country and help himself,  especially now with Obama’s budget cuts to our military.  Every move backward, that Obama takes, is a forward dare by Putin.  I’m very sure Putin is watching every dysfunctional step in our government structure and he’s taking advantage of it knowing Obama has no kahunas.

With all this happening in the Crimean Peninsula and the Ukraine, what does Obama do?  He decides to let the EPA, set new restrictions on sulfur content in the gasoline production, for the second time, from 90 % to 10%.  There is no indication or evidence of why that reduction is being promulgated and enacted if it does not help the environment or our health.  All it does is increase costs of our gasoline usage by at least a dime a gallon and screws the car manufacturers by making them make changes to the manufacturing processes, resulting in higher car prices.

It’s another crushing blow to our economic struggle for improvement.    Obama might as well get on Air Force One and take a seat next to Putin in Russia, and then annex the US as Russian property.  We have two and a half years more of Obama’s dictatorship and no one is doing anything about it.  All Congress is doing is sitting on their proverbial asses and allowing Obama to do whatever the hell he wants.  Harsh language, you say, you betcha!

The safety of our country is at risk here.  And Senator Harry Reid…he’s nothing but an Obama ass kisser.  He does nothing but prevent the truth from being told for his own agendas.  I truly believe Obama wanted the presidency so that he could take numerous long vacations, play golf, and B-ball, so he didn’t have to deal with leadership, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

What happened to President Reagan’s Star Wars Initiative?  It must still exist.  We have a new ship that has laser firepower and it never misses its targets, no matter how fast the jets fly.  The power we have does not mean war, but it will be a deterrent if we stand together with a line drawn in the sand.  Where is the courage and integrity of our government to stand firm on freedom?

I read the other day about a question of what will happen if missiles are fired upon the white House.  The solution was to put up blimps in the sky and check for missiles.  How high tech is that?  By the time the blimps are in the sky, we can say good-bye to Washington, D.C., but on second thought…

It is always iffy when electing a government official.  Promises are always broken because no matter what a politician decries, he has to be backed by other politicians who may not agree.  It takes the Legislative Congress and the Executive branch to make it happen.  This is a normal standoff we experience every day, every year, and every election.  But with the powerful oration of Obama, he has convinced the “uninformed and the gullible” that he can do it and solve our problems.

Here is a man who has no experience in business, no experience in leadership, and has no common sense regarding the fundamentals of our constitutional obligations, even when he declared he was a student of the constitution.  And you, the voters, were dumb enough to fall for it.  I guess Obama’s “business” card should read, “Fire, fire, pants on fire.  I promise to tell you the lies I can muster (master)”.

I never thought I would live long enough to see a sitting president surpass the idiocy and inane term of Jimmy Carter.  Obama makes Carter look like a cub scout.  Obama has screwed the American Taxpayer with so many blatant lies.  He promoted the raising of gas prices, no foreign policies, ridiculous healthcare mandates, outrageous EPA regulations, and the destruction of energy companies, preventing business startups and creating their downfalls.

We, as targets of all this destructive and idealistic disappointments, are in dire need of investing in the most popular health product today…Preparation-H.  I remember years ago when the shoplifters made Preparation-H their number one product to steal.  Do you know why?  It helped reduce the widening of their nostril cavities when snorting continuously the abundance of cocaine.  Gee, I wonder who was the first to come up with that idea.

Are you ready for a “real” change and not a prevaricated one?  Mid-term elections are ready for your votes.  So, unless the “real” change happens in November, grab your ankles, bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye.


NYC Heading for Economic Disaster


They said a Democrat hasn’t been a major since 1989.  Now that is a stupid statement to make.  Bloomberg was a moderate Republican/Independent.  He was once a Democrat but remained a Democrat at heart.  His questionable mayoral leadership revealed all his ridiculous ideas and intentions.  I think I can place him at number 7 on the “Dumbass” scale.

Proposing a law to ban large soda cups was a strike against our freedom of choice.  Personal choice is our right not a privilege needing monitored.  I won’t continue to lose space here just to berate a past mayor, so let’s go to the next step.

The new NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio, is a would-be idiot in the making.  For the time being, I will put him one notch above Bloomberg as number 8 on the “Dumbass” scale.  His platform on income equality is another goal that is doomed for failure.  Why do I say this?  The reason is that he was backed by our elected dictator/president Obama.  He [Obama] has broken his oath, numerous times, by not defending our Constitution.  These acts, of Executive power of over-riding the law, should be punishable by both the Judicial and Legislative branches.

If De Blasio had any logical sense of intelligence, he would see that from the dawn of time, there has never been equality in income and there will never be in anyone’s lifetime.  Perhaps de Blasio is fantasizing and living in a Star Trek bubble where money is obsolete

Income equality will create more problems than he can imagine.  Raising the minimum wage would create a jobless increase when businesses decide to fire workers to compensate for keeping some at the higher minimum wage. If you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can see that the majority if minimum workers are teenagers who work for pocket money and saving for special things they want to purchase.  Waiters and waitresses are always below the minimum wage.  They are compensated for their good service with tips that usually far exceed the minimum wage cap.

An older person (20 – 30 years of age) who has lost his/her job and decides to take a minimum wage job on a temporary basis, those individuals are less than 1% of the population.  The best thing to do is find these people jobs.  Jobs increase the tax base, something that NYC is in desperate need of.

I recall traveling from Pennsylvania to Connecticut for over 50 years on Interstate 84.  The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge over the Hudson River was a bottleneck with traffic backed up for miles.  The best time was driving late night to early morning, when the traffic was slim to none.

A number of years back the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge placed a sign stating that another bridge will be built to alleviate the bottleneck and the 10-cent toll will be dropped.  The toll went up to 25-cents.  When the new bridge was complete, the toll on the westbound side heading toward Pennsylvania was dropped.  However, on the eastbound side, the toll was not dropped.  Over the years, the toll increased to $1.00, at least for now.  Take in consideration all the bridges in the New York City area.  The tolls are so high, that you need a high paying job just to pay the tolls.

De Blasio has his hands full, but I will predict that the economic structure of the city will not improve.  Not as long as economic equality is the goal for this administration.  It will be a lesson in futility for those who think that he will achieve that socialistic structure.  Education, fewer taxes, curtailing money spent for pet projects, and helping money-donating cohorts, will cause his future demise, as well as, the city’s functionality.

The downfall of NYC is looming in the shadows, and new Yorkers are blind to it.  With their selective hearing, they missed the obvious words of reason.  People of New York City, have fun eating your mistake.

This Is My Country; Stop Your Hatred or Leave


I am disheartened by the people of this nation, especially the younger generation.  The college level liberal education has falsely embedded facts that brainwashed the logic reasoning of our youth.  Blaming the Tea Party for financial ills is not the party of blame. Myopic folks, and those under 30 years of age, have not lived long enough to experience the stupidity of an expansive government.  They are accepting the belief the president doesn’t have a personal agenda.

I live and believe in a country dependent on its constitution and I applaud the Tea Party initiative.  Even an extreme liberal organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, has similar agendas concerning the constitution.  Our two popular elected parties are weakening our country in terms no one wants to deal with.  It’s always somebody else’s fault.  The Tea Party is just a small preservation entity.

In my early youth, J.F. Kennedy, a Democrat was elected. In his inauguration speech, he expressed his belief in our nation’s greatness and his concern of a government of the people.  He believed in people and he lowered taxes because taxes were an enormous burden on all divisions of its citizens.

Today that party has evolved into this pseudo Robin Hood Syndrome, hating and taking from the rich, the middle class, and spending it away. This utopian concept is a socialistic bomb waiting to explode.  This syndrome is the catalyst that perpetuates the existence of the liberal party to keep those in poverty, in poverty.

Liberals mock the rich.  But the rich have always funded countless charities and the poor that many of you have not realized that segment of reasoning.  We are a country of helping all in need, but regulating it by governmental distribution of tax money is offensive.  Where would medical discoveries and inventive ideas be without the monies from these corporations?  The government is careless, wastes tax monies.  We are responsible for electing those weak politicians as representatives.

We are equal but not all of us have abilities to be CEO tycoons.  We need our blue collars to survive and trying to convince the populace that big business is evil would be the ultimate destruction of our democracy.  Our nation must keep a balance of classes. We need big business and big businesses and small businesses need workers.  It is what made this country great for generations. For those who are so intent of having the same exorbitant wages as the opulence of big business are mindless and envious.  How can anyone begrudge a highly paid corporate executive with educational skills and compare it to those who demand the same wages without the same educational abilities?  My guess is that those individuals want something for nothing.   Again, a socialistic view bordering on communism and we know how the European economy stands.  The president is forcing us into that realm of a serious devastated country.

The president is to blame when he refused to negotiate, as an arbitration leader, because he wants it his way, not the people’s way. Is this an example of leadership, kingship or dictatorship?  Since when do we work for him?  He works for us. He is far from the example of an Abraham Lincoln, who believed this country’s government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people without the risk of a president who is leading our freedoms to perish from this earth. His “lame duck” irresponsibility is creating an impending catastrophic doomsday.  He mocks the constitution by his rude dislike of an organization straining to preserve the resolve of democratic integrity, and alters law specifics without congressional approval.

If anyone makes the effort to list the pros and cons of this president’s record, you will obviously recognize which list is the longest. His prevarications have conned our youth and you liberals into believing in a societal change perpetrating devastation on more families than any era in our nation’s history.

I was an immigrant in 1951, and I served proudly in the Navy during the Viet Nam Era.  I gave service to this country for giving me a good life even though I am now disabled.

No matter the party of your choice, it is the individual that represents us that we must believe in. Personal agendas by politicians are signs for scrutiny.  Our problem for believing any promises by any politician can only result in potential shortcomings as we see that evidence today.  A politician’s promise can never come to fruition because it takes a majority to make it happen.

If you never served in any branch of service, you will never feel the way I feel about our flag and the sanctity of my country.

What is Happening To America?

People need facts and a civics lesson. Presidencies are limited in power by the other government branches. From 1947 to 1995, the House held a democratic majority for 46 years throughout the terms of five republican presidents. And all but eight years, the Senate held a democratic majority. During six years of Reagan’s presidency, the senate had a republican majority but was offset by a democratic congress.

One branch does not dictate all the power. However, if all three are party partisan, agendas are shoved through the system without opposition. At that point we hope that a filibuster takes place.

When it comes to weakening unions, research the cause and demise of many companies. Sometimes too much want by contracts cause companies seeking other avenues to stay solvent. When profit is lacking, everyone is at risk. Tread lightly when anyone accuses the “republican” congress.

Big government IS the problem. When having problems with your own state government, we should not allow the federal government to intrude in personal issues. In freshman high school civics (1965-1966), the duty of the federal government is to defend our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Wasting time and taxes investigating athletes using steroids is not a viable duty.

The American dream is vanishing and as long as our president keeps appointing agency czars (over 30 plus), not only is he gaining power for himself, but he gave those czars power that disregards congressional oversight. Voters are presently disgruntled and we are deep in debt. Do not let our president circumvent our sacred document, the United States Constitution.

Religion and the Constitution

Straight up forward, I am a conservative atheist.  But, I do not have animosities against those who believe in their God.  Religion actually keeps most individuals on the straight path of decency.  The historical aspect of the Inquisition waged a war of doctrines against teachings within the Catholic Church.  Many disillusioned believers chose a protestant sect and were called atheists, even though they believed in God.  Today’s modern definition of the word ‘atheist’ has changed to no belief in a supreme being.

It was various contrived Dogma that appealed to different sects.  If Dogma is the word for some beliefs not in biblical text (such as the words Holy Trinity,) then Kerygma is the written word within biblical text.   Both make individual sects unique and often make good intentioned Christians volatile.   Religious fanaticism often violates the beliefs of others and in turn violates religious freedom.

The constitution is pretty blunt.  It is the interpreter that decides the differences (dogma).  The constitution (kerygma) defines the true meaning and without question infers the Federal government shall not force, create or rule by any religious means. It cannot be a theocracy, as we can see in the Arab ruling world.

Here is the actual verbiage of the First Amendment of the Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There are politically correct quarrels across the U.S. about crosses, mangers, Christmas trees and reciting the pledge of allegiance with the word God.  According to the first amendment it is not a violation as claimed by the ACLU.  The founders knew that progress will change and were smart enough to make the constitution a living document for amending, providing that the basic freedoms of the document remain dominate with changes.

Every person should decide how important the freedom of expression is worth in order to maintain peaceful cohabitation within our cities.  It doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe.  You cannot violate the freedom of another because you don’t agree.  We can only make a difference if we follow the one humane rule of life; do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.  This one rule is the primary link for a prospering society.