The Fairy Festival at Spoutwood Farm

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buzzard[1]I know it is early in the New Year, but I felt that it was important to expose an event that my wife and I have been a part of for 20 of the 22 years of its existence.  At Spoutwood Farm, in the Glen Rock area of Pennsylvania, the Fairy Festival is an attraction that brings over 11,000 people from all states and often from overseas.

It began as a tea party for friends and expanded from one day to two days and finally to three days of the first weekend in May.  As long as one day in May falls on one of the 3 days, the festival is open to the celebration.

Spoutwood Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm, growing and educating individuals for the natural farming of crops.  It also promotes the non-destructive and the protection of all living things both vegetation and animal.  You can read about Rob and Lucy Wood and their farm if you follow this link:


There are many photos from past years for you to look through and they will amaze you at the versatility and ingenuity of costumes that people wear.  You cannot go there without a camera as not everyone comes back with the same costume.


There are many events taking place each day.  You can peruse some of them on a past schedule shown on the site.  It is a fun time for the whole family.  On Friday it is a very special day for the children as there are all kinds of events for them including making things in the craft barn.  It is the official opening of the festival and is dedicated to all the children with the dancing at the May Pole.  However, the entire weekend has activities for the kids as well.


During the weekend, there are roaming musicians, bands scheduled, and drumming circles throughout the day where everyone dances to the beat.  There are also Belly Dancers that show their expertise in the dance.  There are food vendors at the lower half of the farm and the upper section with animals to see and there is a telescopic observatory.


There are many vendors selling their wares that are handmade including artwork.  Of the vendors, 75% are usually those returning and 25% are new.  That is the standing order every year.  They only allow 5% of vendors with manufactured retail items but all vendors can sell some manufactured items if it is 15% or less of their original handmade inventory.  An ATM machine is also available for your convenience.


There are many volunteers throughout the festival to help run the festival more smoothly.  As an example, at the end of the festival, all refuse is collected.  The refuse pile heaped outside of the festival area is where each bag was placed, is separated by hand, to make sure that the contents are recyclable.  Usually, if there are 100 bags, they end up with only a couple of bags of real garbage.


Even though it is an open area, they have smoking areas designated in certain places located on the map all visitors receive.  One nice thing to remember is that if you decide to volunteer, you can have your entrance fee returned if you put in the designated time for your work.  There are price packages for all three days if you are interested and there is a parking fee as all parking is off site.  There are paths created for your trek through the woods adjacent to the road.


The photo at the top, of the Fairy, is an example of the elaborate costuming.  This fairy is famous throughout the U.S., and is always at Spoutwood’s festival but a bit more down to earth.  This festival is similar to the Renaissance Fair that you may be familiar with, an event in the fall, and is at another location in Pennsylvania.


Everyone attending is always friendly to all visitors and vendors.  It is truly an event you would not want to miss.  So start planning your schedules and I hope to see you there.  You shouldn’t miss it if you have never been there.  So start planning your schedules for May 2nd to May 4th of this year and I hope to see you there.  If you decide to visit, look for the Keeper of the Stones booth and say hello to the wizard…me!


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  1. LFFL said,

    January 16, 2014 at 04:57

    How fun! I’ve never heard of a fairy festival. It reminds me of the strawberry festival I go to every year with all the vendors selling their wares all over the place. Cool!

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