The Demise of the Democratic Party

buzzard[1]The American people are finally seeing the true colors of the Democratic Party.  I know there are those staunch supporters that will follow blindly no matter what the Democratic leaders say.  Their allegiance to their party is nothing but arrogance and will certainly begin to wane in the following years to come.

The Senate has finally hit an all-time low by going “nuclear” and destroying the minority’s only tool to have some say and equality within the legislative body.  The majority of Democratic senators have never experienced being in the minority, but they have the gall to change over two hundred years of historical government structure set down by Thomas Jefferson.  This move was to give the president more power and defeat the capability of preventing appointments of additional people into the Obama administration and the Judicial Branch.

They are the hypocritical party that has changed from sheep to wolves.  They rebuffed the “nuclear’ act when they were the minority.  There was enough video (of Senator Harry Reid and Senator Obama at that time) to back that premise.  But because their ratings, across America are dwindling into obscurity, they are desperately doing everything in their power to keep their heads above water.

This is one good reason for our government to have term limits.  We should be represented by citizens that will return to their original jobs in the workforce after serving the people.  Lifelong position of power will always be the demise the government in part if not in total.  We citizens do not want to be put in their gun sights for the destruction of our nation.

Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader of the senate, is a pork grabbing, power hungry advocate of the Obama curse that has spread turmoil and personal bankruptcy for many.  Reid has perpetrated this pox trying to gain brownie points for his party.  Unfortunately, he and his presidential cohort are prevaricating without shame trying to convince us that they are helping the people.

Regrettably, the Senator doesn’t hear his constituents. He blindly has eliminated equality and traded it for more power.  The Obama administration and the Democratic Party are desperately changing ways to blame all their woes on everyone except themselves for their ineptness of serving the people.

They keep shifting blame beginning with President George bush, then the Republican Party, the Tea Party (calling them Nazis and terrorists), and now they are shifting blame to the media.  Only the most extreme media groups, such as MSNBC, are still siding with the administration.  But MSNBC is losing and has lost all credibility when it comes to the news.  Where are those bygone newscasters that reported rather than spewing slurs and fraudulent accusations at individuals that have nothing to do with the Democratic downfall of Obamacare.

Obama is circumventing the law. He picks and chooses to make adjustments on Obamacare and now wants to delay it until after the November 2014 elections.  Does he think we, the people, are that ignorant to see he wants to save his democratic cohorts from losing their seats in the government?

I think the populace has finally realized, or at least most of the populace, realize their biggest mistake by re-electing Obama to a second term.  It’s a wonder that nobody has brought charges of maleficence against him for lack of leadership and being unable to control his administration causing a destructive economy and healthcare upon the citizenry.

The contrast between his previous position in the senate, and now as president, is a 180 degree turnaround after viewing archived videos.  They show his obviously damning evidence that he can no longer shroud his true goal of socialistic objectives.

Bob Hope once quipped, “One party can’t fool everyone all the time, that’s why we have two parties.”  It is now obvious that we, the people, should force the government for reduction of their pay and pass term limits into law.  This is the only way the party in power can be controlled.  It will bring more bipartisan agreements. We can succeed if we push hard enough.

I want this country to grow and give our citizens the ability to live their lives as they want to.  We should stop sending funds to foreign governments that really don’t care about friendship.  Their coveted need for monetary aid will never buy their allegiance.  Most of the time, the monies never reach the people, just the government honchos.

When Election Day arrives let’s not forget what has happened and why.    There will be Democratic incumbents who want their seats back, but if we put in an opposition party, such as a Republican, Tea Party, Independent or Libertarian, at least we can hold off Obama’s road to disaster.  Let’s not fail the future of our children so that they may have a better life than what we are now experiencing.


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