The Bullying of Citizen Values

buzzard[1]We, as individuals, want to live our lives without constant harassment.  Our lives are dictated by beliefs, idealism, and the understanding of getting to and accomplishing personal and family goals.

It’s a wonder we can go day by day with prospering opportunities without someone constantly orating that we are misguided and wrong or we shouldn’t do this or that.  As long as we follow laws and continue to be a diligent asset to society, we shouldn’t be harassed by others who continually say they are more correct than what we believe in.

Most of us are readily intelligent, I might add.  We have the freedom to pick and choose what our lives should be like and what we can do to improve those decisions.  I am sick and tired of those that continually proselytize their isms upon us.  If you believe in a specific perspective, you alone should follow that obligation.  However, your preferences have no right to harass and override my preferences.

There are organizations that perceive that their tenets are morally better than our individual choices.  Often times they become a fanatical group of stir-crazed peddlers that uses a united front as a power hungry organization which thrives on the false premise of what is best for a thriving society.  They play upon your emotions.  They beg for your monies and for your acceptance with the idea that they are the saviors of our health and moral well-being.

A good example is P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)  Their constant harassment of citizenry concerning animals and meat eating is nothing but an intrusion on our beliefs. I have no qualms about caring for pets and the fair concern of animals in general, but that is as far as it goes.  We were born as omnivores, not herbivores.  I love vegetables, but I prefer them as a side with fish, meat and poultry.

Jim Henson of Muppet fame, was a vegetarian.  He died at 53 years of age from Group A Streptococcal Virus.  I’m not saying that being a vegetarian caused it, but I am saying that to espouse the fact of an herbivorous life is healthy and prolongs life is nothing but futile ideology.  We are all guided by our mitochondrial genetic makeup.  There is nothing that can change what happens to us as a total no matter how hard we try every day.

I would rather enjoy my life to its fullest (to my final days) with my own convictions rather than to have an organization cram their way of life upon me. There are many other organizations that prey upon our emotional well-being and our vulnerable sympathies.

Commercials beg for monies for poor children across our oceans.  They depict photos of starving kids and saying we can save them from their plight.  I truly feel sorry for them, but why don’t they televise their parents?  Where are they?  I would rather see the beggars for money educate the parents or parent, so that they understand if you cannot afford to have a child, stop procreating.  I would gladly send a case of condoms and a box of birth control pills to fight the problem.  This may seem harsh, but again, this is another program that attacks emotional guilt.  I’m not saying not to help, but many do what they feel best.  Perhaps concentrating on the kids here in the states and educate the parents and single mothers is another alternative.

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.  We are not ignorant.  We understand the complexities of life.  But charity is a self-sustaining gift given of free will and not by emotional piracy.

There is a certain presence of a “con” perpetrated by most organizations. I remember years ago when the United Way was caught in a financial upheaval when almost 90% of the donations went to salaries and advertising.  I believe that if you want to run a charitable organization, volunteer and keep your day job.  Having a six or seven figure salary as head of a charity is morally distasteful.

Lastly, I just like to mention the tenets of every religious organization.  I condone your ideas of faith and your determined love of your religious faction.  However, there is an argument for the biblical adage of going out and preach the “Word.”  It should be a personal agenda designed for your own family.  One religious sect differs from another and attempting to persuade your tenets upon someone else’s specific faith is an invasion of their personal beliefs and their family values.

There is no religion better or more right than another.  They all are a part of sustaining faith within ourselves.  And they all are directed toward the same spiritual entity.  Be strong and be fervent in your decisions.  Go with your heartfelt and intellectual understanding to decide what is best for your family.


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