The GED Test Deadline

buzzard[1]There was an article from the AP service on the GED (General Educational Development) deadline the other day.  Since I am familiar concerning this testing, I want to express the importance of it.

There are many who never had the opportunity to finish high school or just gave up trying.  However, when one gets older, you suddenly wake up and realize that a diploma is necessary for many jobs as it signifies you have done your best.

If one never achieves that pinnacle as the first stage of one’s life, it becomes a real life reason why finding a good paying job becomes problematic.  The employer looks with a discerning perspective by assuming you are not responsible enough to care about your own obligation to your future and so his assumption is you wouldn’t do your best after being hired.

So what does one settle for?  You find a very low paying job you eventually get disgusted with.  So you quit and search for another “higher” paying job.  Unfortunately, higher paying jobs are taboo without the proper knowledge for the position. You can’t get something for nothing and you cannot achieve the respect you want from others.

If you just take the time to put yourself on the path of education, your life will no doubt improve and that fork in the road between comfort living and living in poverty will never appear for you to choose.

The article, I mentioned, identifies the closing opportunity for those who are considering obtaining a GED.  It also is a warning for those who have begun the process, but have not completed it.

On December 31, the deadline is set and when the New Year begins, the cost of obtaining a GED will begin at a minimum cost of $125.00 with some states raising that cost.  I’m sure many cannot afford that with the earnings they make presently.

For those who have partially completed the testing, they will lose all the testing gained and they will have to start all over again after January 1st of 2014.  Some of the costs may be subsidized in whole or part depending where they are.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Be safe than sorry and finish what was started.

I quit school in my junior year, repeating it rather than being a senior.  Halfway through, I decided that it was too much of a burden, working full time and going to class. The reasons why are not important at this time.  Luckily, there was a person who I didn’t realize was a mentor.  It only dawned on me many years later.

He told me to go and get that GED. Without opening a book or going to any help classes, I took the five tests on two Saturdays and passed with 4 B’s and an A.  I ended up in the Navy where studying was mandatory for the rank and in the area I would be working.  Following my obligation to my country, I went on to get an Associate’s Degree in electronics. That was the key for a job that lasted 20 years.

The company hired me, gave me a better pay scale and offered more hands on education, which helped further my learning by increasing my ability to do a better job.  It was a very satisfying part of my life.  I want to let everyone know that they can make a better life if they just take the time and put forth the effort.  If anyone knows of someone that needs a GED, give them this article and mentor them to achieve their goal.  It will also give you the sense of accomplishing something good for the person you care about.



  1. buzzard33 said,

    November 13, 2013 at 16:57

    you are welcome and thank you……

  2. cewdkbcc said,

    November 13, 2013 at 16:17

    Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

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