This Is My Country; Stop Your Hatred or Leave


I am disheartened by the people of this nation, especially the younger generation.  The college level liberal education has falsely embedded facts that brainwashed the logic reasoning of our youth.  Blaming the Tea Party for financial ills is not the party of blame. Myopic folks, and those under 30 years of age, have not lived long enough to experience the stupidity of an expansive government.  They are accepting the belief the president doesn’t have a personal agenda.

I live and believe in a country dependent on its constitution and I applaud the Tea Party initiative.  Even an extreme liberal organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, has similar agendas concerning the constitution.  Our two popular elected parties are weakening our country in terms no one wants to deal with.  It’s always somebody else’s fault.  The Tea Party is just a small preservation entity.

In my early youth, J.F. Kennedy, a Democrat was elected. In his inauguration speech, he expressed his belief in our nation’s greatness and his concern of a government of the people.  He believed in people and he lowered taxes because taxes were an enormous burden on all divisions of its citizens.

Today that party has evolved into this pseudo Robin Hood Syndrome, hating and taking from the rich, the middle class, and spending it away. This utopian concept is a socialistic bomb waiting to explode.  This syndrome is the catalyst that perpetuates the existence of the liberal party to keep those in poverty, in poverty.

Liberals mock the rich.  But the rich have always funded countless charities and the poor that many of you have not realized that segment of reasoning.  We are a country of helping all in need, but regulating it by governmental distribution of tax money is offensive.  Where would medical discoveries and inventive ideas be without the monies from these corporations?  The government is careless, wastes tax monies.  We are responsible for electing those weak politicians as representatives.

We are equal but not all of us have abilities to be CEO tycoons.  We need our blue collars to survive and trying to convince the populace that big business is evil would be the ultimate destruction of our democracy.  Our nation must keep a balance of classes. We need big business and big businesses and small businesses need workers.  It is what made this country great for generations. For those who are so intent of having the same exorbitant wages as the opulence of big business are mindless and envious.  How can anyone begrudge a highly paid corporate executive with educational skills and compare it to those who demand the same wages without the same educational abilities?  My guess is that those individuals want something for nothing.   Again, a socialistic view bordering on communism and we know how the European economy stands.  The president is forcing us into that realm of a serious devastated country.

The president is to blame when he refused to negotiate, as an arbitration leader, because he wants it his way, not the people’s way. Is this an example of leadership, kingship or dictatorship?  Since when do we work for him?  He works for us. He is far from the example of an Abraham Lincoln, who believed this country’s government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people without the risk of a president who is leading our freedoms to perish from this earth. His “lame duck” irresponsibility is creating an impending catastrophic doomsday.  He mocks the constitution by his rude dislike of an organization straining to preserve the resolve of democratic integrity, and alters law specifics without congressional approval.

If anyone makes the effort to list the pros and cons of this president’s record, you will obviously recognize which list is the longest. His prevarications have conned our youth and you liberals into believing in a societal change perpetrating devastation on more families than any era in our nation’s history.

I was an immigrant in 1951, and I served proudly in the Navy during the Viet Nam Era.  I gave service to this country for giving me a good life even though I am now disabled.

No matter the party of your choice, it is the individual that represents us that we must believe in. Personal agendas by politicians are signs for scrutiny.  Our problem for believing any promises by any politician can only result in potential shortcomings as we see that evidence today.  A politician’s promise can never come to fruition because it takes a majority to make it happen.

If you never served in any branch of service, you will never feel the way I feel about our flag and the sanctity of my country.


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