Masquerading Women and Their Emotional Characteristics – Part One

buzzard[1]I believe I will get a lot of flak for this blog.  You may even think I am a sexist, but be it far from the truth, I am only inviting you to envision my perspective analysis that I have extrapolated over forty years of research.  I am not a scientist, but I studied character development issues that I have learned and now I would like to share them with you.

Typically, from my point of view, men fall into five categories: they act like bloodhounds in search of physical conquest.  Some are sadists, some are masochists, some are loving and honest and finally some are just “Yes, dear” type, if you understand the gist of my point.  Women on the other hand are complicated and there is no end to the possibilities of characteristics.

What drove me to this revelation was an article in the Style section of the newspaper concerning decorative fingernails, both pre-made and personally painted nails.  I do realize that this self-indulging perk makes all women feel good about their appearance.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s okay, but there are consequences at times that men and women do not recognize.

From the age of 17, my intention was to become a psychiatrist.  Unfortunately, that never occurred due to a number of factors.  However, that didn’t stop me from reading, studying, and testing the theories I had learned and, of course, I restructured all the variables to coalesce with the initial definitions.  I read a book that presented character analysis with color.  It was a modified version of the entire test data procedure.  And with that in hand, I began my studies with hundreds of individuals, one by one.  I vowed to always keep the personal results confidential.

Did I document it?  No, only the initial test and after the analysis, I destroyed it.  All the data that I had analyzed is in my head.  Generalities are easy, but the specifics of the characteristics were more difficult on the personal level.  The accuracy of these analyses amounted to about 90%.  I always asked the individual to affirm the data if it was correct concerning a particular trait. I discussed reasons with them to help them understand why if the results were questionable in their minds.   Every once in a while the response failed if the subject was denying certain information so as not to reveal a personal or embarrassing trait.

At this point I want to stress that choosing a color is an involuntary act, such as going to the closet and deciding to pick a certain dress color, a tie, a blouse or a shirt.  It usually can change your mood for the day without you realizing why.  As an example; in the entire test (over a hundred colors), the color pink was a detrimental color in certain situations.  In a prison, they put a convict into a room painted totally pink.  For a short time it calmed the prisoner.  But after a long duration of just sitting there, it started to make the prisoner edgy and angry.  It was done a number of times with different prisoners with the same results.

Let me relate a short story that I had encounter back in the early ‘80s before I jump into the color discussion.  I was working as a machine operator creating electronic connectors.  This was before I moved on to the test laboratory for testing connectors for the aerospace industry.  Behind me sat a few women that were assembling connectors.  One particular girl, I would guess in her early twenties was nice looking but nothing too exciting to look at.   At times you can hear conversations between the girls and without trying to pry, I overheard her say she was getting a divorce.  I didn’t think anything of it until a couple of months later.  I was just walking toward my machine when I happen to notice this same girl totally and fabulously transformed into a beautiful and stylish vamp.  Her hair was done, nails pedicured, face made up and dressed like she was going out to a nightclub.  This is one occasion I never forgot.

I started analyzing her status by evaluating reasons for change.  I had to ask myself if this transformation took place because she no longer was with her husband and was she on the prowl for another mate.  I deduced that it was correct because later that evening (it was the 3 to 11 night shift) I overheard how she was going out to a drinking establishment for a good time after work.  I have to ask you, “What didn’t she do that when she was with her husband? Perhaps that may have been at least one reason why there might have been disinterest between the couple.  The other point is, why, does a woman look so good when you are dating, and when you get married she lets herself go?  What drives that action?  Why do women masquerade their looks and later become a plain Jane?  Don’t get me wrong, men let themselves go as well.  But women act like bait, set the hook, and it’s over.  It’s another lesson to be learned because men are sexually stupid.  That’s a true story and a realistic evaluation.

The general structure will reveal only certain traits and not any insightful specifics. The following is a simple rendition of what some of the colors mean, as I know them, as a base analysis over the years. I intend to keep certain traits a secret so no one will try it and make some grievous errors.  I will continue with the explanations of the color schemes in Part 2 of this two part series in a few days.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. September 24, 2013 at 18:05

    My Mum didn’t let herself go, she’s celebrating her 30th anniversary next week so perhaps you’re right 😉

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