Smoking and Dieting Stupidity


How do I hate thee, let me blurt the ways. The dieting industry is probably one of the biggest money makers in this country. It is comparable to the other money mongers, the insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Let’s think about this on a more down to earth level. Those of you that diet, exercise, and suffer (and I do mean suffer), try to think how long it has been that you have tried diet programs and failed each time. How about how much cash was sucked up with little or no results.

Dieting is like trying to quit smoking, some of us can and some of us will not quit. Yes, I mean will not quit. The intentions are always good but usually to no avail. The question is why do you lavish so much time and money on a never-ending aspiration?

Let’s go back to the smoking situation. Personally I started at 17 and puffed smoke for 13 years before I decided to quit. Cigarettes were cheap. Fifty cents from the machines and on board a naval ship, three miles out at sea, the prices dropped to 25 cents a pack. But that was then. I decided to invest some money on a group hypnosis seminar. It was a very odd experience. I left there, got into my truck, and lit up a cigarette. I took 2 puffs and I threw it out the window, along with the pack. It lasted 2 years I started up again because of stress. I originally quit because my first son was born, I smoked for the next 9 years.

It so happens I decided to quit again, so I found a woman hypnotist and had three sessions. I was the only person who ever answered her question correctly, “What was the difference between a smoker and a non-smoker?” The answer was, “a non-smoker doesn’t think about wanting to smoke.”

I must have been her first non-smoking triumph because I sent others to her and she raised her prices three-fold. Three years later, I started again, due to much stress. I smoked for the next nine years. On top of that, I started to gain more weight. I thought that smoking would help reduce the urge to eat. Was I ever wrong! By this time I was divorced, and seven years later, I re-married. I continued to smoke, gain weight, and I developed a terrible cough. I could only sleep on my left side, otherwise I couldn’t breathe. Did you ever walk outside on a cold winter’s day and start hacking for 10 minutes before it stopped? It was a terrible feeling.

One morning I sat up and said to myself, “That’s it, I’m done.” It had been thirteen years since I stopped smoking and this time I will not give up.

Eventually I ended up with diabetes, type 2 then type 1. I attained CHF (Congested Heart Failure) and now my heart is pumping at 20%, even though I never had a heart attack. The VA (Veterans Administration) doctors (I am a Disabled Viet Nam Era Veteran) finally said it was time for an implant and a week later I had a defibrillator put in. Two years later, my fingers and hands started to swell. I ended up with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Gout. All this broke the camel’s back, and I had to stop working, as I had a difficult time walking, breathing, and using my hands to any great length.

Now that you have some history, I can tell you that being on oxygen 24 hours a day, with a weight of 347 Lbs., wasn’t what I aspired to live as I looked toward retirement. I ended up in the hospital so weak that I was unaware (I went by ambulance) my lungs stopped functioning twice. I was lucky. The doctors acted quickly, as I was told. My CO2 levels were near 100%. It was a rude awakening for me. I couldn’t stand up or walk. It took two weeks before I could stand and walk after arduous daily therapy.

You all know that when you have that much weight, exercise for any length of time is nonexistent. I told myself that if I needed to exercise, even a little, I would have to get on a diet. I considered all types, but the cost factor was just not there. Living on disability, does not give you many options for extra cash. For the next nine months (to present day) I decided to do it my way again.

My philosophy is, “If you want to get something done, you gotta want it bad.” And so I decided to diet on my own terms (with the help of my nagging wife), just don’t tell her I wrote that. Here’s what I did to lose weight in seven months without getting ill. It was a slow natural loss.

Start off with a good breakfast:

I have 3 eggs over medium with 2 pieces of toast, hash browns, 3 link sausages, coffee or hot tea, juice and a banana—
Another choice is a ham and cheese omelet with salsa on top, 2 pieces of toast, coffee or hot tea, juice and a banana—
Lastly, try two ham, egg and cheese on toast with coffee or hot tea, juice and a banana.
I use Splenda or a generic form of sugar substitute (it’s cheaper) for my liquids.

For Lunch:

I have a large salad consisting of any type lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and mushrooms. Sprinkle with some parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, Italian seasoning, oregano seasoning, and finally Italian dressing.

Note: Over the months of eating this salad, here is what I found. You don’t just dampen the salad, douse it. Always use Italian dressing because when you finish the salad you gulp down the remaining dressing. I have noticed that if you need your blood sugar to be less than 150 then no insulin shot is needed. It so happens that if my blood sugar was say 135 in the morning, 147 two hours after breakfast, I won’t need a shot of insulin. After I have the salad, two hours later my glucose level drops sometimes less than the first, as an example, 124.

Why does this happen, I don’t know, but it does. I keep regular white vinegar around and take a shot of it after eating something sweet, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of the salad. The jelly pushes my sugar levels way up over 200. The vinegar does help keep it down below 300. I do this because sometimes I get a small piece of cake or pie, but never too much of it. It is okay to cheat every once in a while. I don’t want to live the rest of my life without enjoying some of my yens.

For Supper:

Any food is up for grabs as long as it is just one helping of everything. This way it should satisfy your hunger until next morning. I only drink diet soda, but not often. I usually have an iced glass of Crystal Light drink that I mix up from powder. I limit all fluids to 2000 ml. a day. Going over is not critical and ice water is also okay.

Now for the grand finally; I have lost 76 lbs. in those seven months and during that time, my walking is much better. My breathing is not labored, as I don’t use my oxygen during the day, but I have to at night because of sleep apnea. Walking as my exercise does help reduce the weight without me fighting for my breath. Every day was a struggle, but it is definitely getting better and easier. It is too bad my hands won’t get any better.

So as you can see, the mind can do wonders if you really want it. Don’t give up and stop wasting your bucks. Give yourself a month and let me know how you are doing on my blog. Just hang on. I know you can do it.


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