Pennsylvania Dutch Made Ham Loaf

Moving to Pennsylvania, after leaving the Navy back in 1974, was a rude awakening. I learned quite a lot from all the different aspects of living and ethnic customs. This Ham Loaf recipe is definitely different and it is Pennsylvania “Dutch”, which is actually German (Deutsch). I thought regular meat loaf was my favorite, but this is a close 2nd.

Ham Loaf Ingredients:

¼ lb – Ground ham
2 ¾ lb – Ground pork, not sausage
2 – Eggs
1 cup – Breadcrumbs
1 cup – Milk
Pineapple rings or chunks

Sauce Ingredients:

½ cup – Brown sugar
½ tsp – Dry mustard
¼ cup – White vinegar
¼ cup – Water

Get a large mixing bowl and combine the ground ham, the ground pork, the eggs, the breadcrumbs, and the milk, and mix them together well.

Next, remove mixture from the bowl and mold it just like your meat loaf into a deep casserole dish or into a loaf pan if you own one. If not, choose whatever pan you normally use (dishpans not allowed…lol).

Next, mix the brown sugar, the dry mustard, the white vinegar, and add the water together in a medium saucepan. Stir the sauce and cook it slowly until sugar dissolves.

Bake the ham loaf at 350°F for two (2) hours. Keep checking the ham loaf in the last hour, just in case your oven varies in temperature.

Before the last half (½) hour, baste the ham loaf with the sauce and keep basting until it is all used up. After the basting, top the ham loaf with pineapple chunks or rings. If you are using the pineapple rings, you can put a maraschino cherry in the center of them.

Finish cooking until done. Some Pennsylvanians like it served with candied yams or just sweet potato. I like mine with mashed potatoes. Eat hearty and do not forget to double the recipe. You will want seconds and it is great as a warmed up hot sandwich.


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  1. LFFL said,

    June 14, 2014 at 10:11

    I’ve never heard of a ham loaf. This sounds like it’d be a good one!

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