Whining of the Voter ID Law Prospect

The ubiquitous rivalry concerning voter registration is becoming an inane diatribe on the liberal side. The liberal whining on how photo voter ID’s are a detriment to minorities is nothing but a pretense so that voter fraud can continue in our elections.

There is no viable reason that it would be a burden to any minority or poverty stricken individual. When the facts are staring you in the face, how can anyone continue to resent having a photo ID and then limiting it to just a minority?
Pennsylvania (where I live) offers a photo ID for free. Does everyone understand that? It is FREE! You can walk, run, take a bus, drive or have someone drive you to get one. You can get one locally, not just in Harrisburg or a large city. Unless you can’t read the application for the ID, then you can’t read to vote.

If you are out of a job, minority or not, everyone always ends up at the welfare office. Everybody finds their way there no matter what their travel issues are. And everybody has to show a photo ID, even the children. Schools have photo ID’s for their students also. A passport has a photo and so does BJ’s Store. I have a Veteran’s Medical Card with my photo on it. It would seem to me there are many places that require it for the absolute reason of stopping fraud. And you can’t cash a check without one. I didn’t rip my pants, sprain my wrist or have a heart attack when I showed my voter’s card and driver’s license at the polling place. It didn’t hurt at all.


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