Necessary Voter ID Law

I recently read the Russian Proverb ‘wisdom is born, stupidity is learned.’ This is so apropos to the ongoing judiciary problems concerning the “disenfranchisement” of the voter ID law. It seems the judiciary has no insight or is unable to grasp the specific criteria of voters in question. Perhaps activist groups, lawyers and judiciary do not want to admit their lack of sensible logic. Organizations that keep conjuring untrue statistics of voters and their inability to vote are simply inane.

Voters who thought an ID card was needed did not vote, are at a minimal percentage at best. With all the cell phones and regular phones readily available, aren’t folks bright enough to call their local site to check on the ID necessities? You might say that these organizations are implying voters are uneducated because they can’t think for themselves. In lieu of stopping the ID law, they should educate the voter where to call or get an ID so they can make arrangements to vote.

Since courts and those anti ID groups cannot fathom the irresponsibility of their acts, perhaps we should educate them a well. We know photo IDs are necessary for all sorts of areas that have been argued before; banks, credit cards, licenses, etc., so let us look at a perspective they don’t want to hear.

The implication of disenfranchisement primarily feigns the geriatric and low income groups. This can be explained candidly. These two groups always need photo IDs. These two groups are usually the ones that need some type of assistance, usually at their local County Assistance Office (welfare office). Doesn’t the judiciary know the law for receipt of any welfare benefits is never allowed without a picture ID? Students, the aged, low income families must have the photo identification to receive benefits. This is mandatory, so what is the problem? Oh, I know, they need a ride to the polling place of their choice. It seems to me that our lawsuit activists should accommodate the “disenfranchised” folks with information on where to call for a ride to their respective polling site. There are organizations that offer help to folks without transportation or family members. We don’t need a law for that simple act. Stupidity is not with the disenfranchised folks but with the “intelligent” activist groups, lawyers and the judiciary that refuse to admit their inability to educate the folks, provide and protect the voting fraud presently or in the future, whether it occurred or not. It is our best incentive to vote and not be afraid the “other party” will suffer. The XV Article of our Constitution clearly says that all citizens can vote. It is just morally correct each voter votes only once and we must protect our Constitution just for that reason. Not all citizens will vote for reasons we cannot understand. We can only defend the voting obligation by allowing a law to protect the true reason for electing a candidate.


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