Making Austrian-Polish Tomato Soup

During pre-world war II Poland, my grandmother and my young mother, owned and ran a small café-type restaurant just around the corner from the Gestapo headquarters. The often frequented the café. My grandmother was Austrian (as I), but my mom was Polish born. Luckily, the German occupation of Poland did not affect them since they were Austrian citizens. They later left the country without much trouble. I’d like to share her Tomato Soup recipe with you..


·         1 Lb. Pork – cut ½ to 1 inch cubes

·         26 oz. can Peeled Tomatoes

·         1 pint Sour Cream

·         2 Tbsp. Flour

·         ¼ stick of real butter, salted or unsalted

·         Elbow macaroni or shell macaroni


  • Cook pork in salted water
  • Cook tomatoes separately adding water & butter
  • When tomatoes are cooked, scoop tomatoes into an appropriate sized strainer and mash through to help remove most seeds.
  • Pour strained tomato mixture into meat pot & continue to cook
  • Add sour cream to soup mixture
  • Mix the flour with water for thickening the soup
  • Use mixer to stir soup before adding the thickener
  • Add the thickener and stir with mixer
  • Cook soup and let simmer
  • Option: Add macaroni to the soup or pour soup over the macaroni in soup dish -Enjoy!

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