Making a German/Polish Potato Salad

Many of you love cold salads in the summer. Everyone likes macaroni salad, potato salad, pasta salads, etc. I do not particularly like them myself because I do not like excessive mayonnaise. However, I do like my German/Polish potato salad that was handed down to me and I make it often. It keeps well in the refrigerator as leftovers. You should like the taste of vinegar, because it is the German way…

8 – Large potatoes
4 – Hardboiled eggs
5 – Medium whole dill pickles
2 – Medium or one (1) large onion
½ cup – White vinegar
Salt and pepper

In a pot, boil potatoes with skins on after scrubbing potatoes clean. When cooked, remove from pot and let cool. Remove skins when cool and set aside.

Cook eggs until hardboiled. Remove from pan and let cool. Remove shell from eggs when cool and set eggs aside. When cool, wait until ready to mix into the salad before slicing them.

Peel onions, wash, cut in half at stem end. And cut the half once more. Slice each quarter as thin or thick as desired so that the onions look like quartered arcs. Separate all the onion layers and set aside.

Slice all the dill pickles as thick or thin as you wish and set aside. It is best to use jarred fresh pickles and no pre-sliced as they tend to be mushy.

Take the potatoes and slice them into a large bowl, get the eggs and slice them into the bowl. Add the sliced pickles and the sliced onions. Stir all ingredients until totally mixed.

While mixing, add white vinegar, until salad looks yellowish from the egg yolks and has a close resemblance to a mayonnaise texture. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Note: To make it a more awesome salad, my mom served thick breaded pork chops with it. Use a tenderizing utensil on the pork chops before your egg wash, flour and bread crumbs. My mom always used lard to cook the chops. After the lard had slightly cooled but still warm and still in a liquid state, she spooned out of the frying pan the liquid and breadcrumb residue and spread it atop the potato salad. She stirred it in to give it a much better texture and taste. I am sure you can use bacon grease residue as a substitute, and if you do, save the bacon for breakfast. Hey, forget the calories and splurge for once.


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