The Loss of Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

The event of Dr. Marcel’s passing at 76 is a loss of a unique survivor of a bygone era. Dr. Marcel’s father, Jesse Senior, was an Air Force officer who was he first on the scene of a UFO crash site in Roswell, New Mexico. Dr. Marcel, his son, had been given a piece of the UFO and held it while reading the so-called, “Hieroglyphics” that had been written on a small beam of purple-hued metal debris. His father said that it was “not of this earth”, and Jesse Jr. will never see another in his lifetime.

The evidence, of the Roswell crash in 1947, is still a controversial element in today’s social structure. Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, lecturer, and UFO researcher, had interviewed, Colonel Philip Corso, prior to the colonel’s passing in July of 1968. Col. Corso, in the last of his days on earth, had a book published called, “The Day After Roswell”, where he exposed his connections following the Roswell crash. He revealed his accidental viewing of alien bodies and alien technology. Corso wrote he was partly responsible when he offered items from the Roswell crash and gave the objects to different companies for reverse engineering. He indicated he was accountable for the foundation and acceleration of our technologies. Friedman, after his interview with Corso, had doubts at first. However, Friedman’s investigation and continual research soon ultimately concluded facts in Corso’s book had merit and truth to its contents.

The U.S. government, under President Truman, squashed all the data and physical proof about the crash. There were threats of retribution with incarceration and death threats, if anyone spoke or presented any evidence about the crash. To this day, the controversy still exists, but, a great majority of people now believe in life on other planets and galaxies.

The assumption is that the government was trying to avoid panic and mass hysteria, seeking to avoid a conflict with religious and biblical beliefs. I believe that both can exist if we acknowledge we are not alone in the universe. It would seem drastically egotistical to think we are purely the prime reason for life’s existence.

On a personal note, I must admit that I had seen a UFO a number of years ago. My wife and I were returning home from the capital city when I spotted some lights in the distance. We pulled over before the exit ramp and got out to watch the lights. It was 15 to 20 minutes before it finally reached our spot. There were 3 lights in a triangular positioned points passing overhead. But what convinced us it was a UFO became apparent when I estimated it was as close as 5000 feet high minimum and colossally huge. It took at least 5 minutes to totally pass over and…there was absolutely no sound. We were in total awe. The experience was mind-bobbling and from then on I was stricken with the possibilities of a foreign aircraft. You might consider we imagined this scenario, but I served 4 years in the Navy and worked on F4-Phantom aircraft. I was familiar with many types of aircraft at the base. However, none flew that low without making any sound at that slow speed.

Have you ever wondered about today’s technology? Our technology was limited in 1947. All our scientists had not reached the pinnacle of transition until the first space rocket with our first astronaut, Allen Shepard. It wasn’t until Apollo 11 as Armstrong stepped on the moon that finally facilitated our momentum into the computer age. Consider the comparison of the speed of technical progress that keeps advancing exponentially, with respect to technology prior to 1947. It is uncanny that we have advanced that rapidly all by ourselves.

Why didn’t the technical explosion occur earlier? We have to realize that there had to be some influence to improve the technology that motivated us into an age of unknown possibilities.

We should be grateful for all our advances in technologies, alien or domestic, otherwise, how would we keep in contact with all our friends without a cell phone and computer?

We all hope that the government will soon release all the information that we want to know, hopefully in my lifetime. Rest in peace Dr. Jesse. We thank you for your strength and courage to share your continued stand on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Dr. Marcel also reminds us, even though he wasn’t the first to quote it, “If we are the only ones here then there is a lot of wasted space out there.”


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