Simple and Fast Austrian-Polish Potato Pancakes

There are many fine German potato pancake recipes and they taste just terrific. Try all the ones you can find and pick your best. My mother and my grandmother gave my recipe to me. It is an Austrian and Polish recipe. It is also quick, easy and uncommonly simple. Without further adieu, here is what you do. Gee, that rhymed, did it not?

Cooking needs:

Large non-stick frying pan
Bunch of potatoes, your count
Fine grater, no processors, or blenders
Lard or oil of your choice

Start with your potatoes. Leave the skins on as they save time and besides, it is good for you. Just scrub them well and remove any eyes. Get a large bowl and your grater. I use a large one that has four (4) sides, and I use the side with the smallest holes. Grate all your potatoes into the bowl. I also indicated no blenders or food processors because they do not produce the same texture.

Start adding flour to the potatoes and stir. Keep adding flour and keep stirring until the mixture looks like loose oatmeal. The liquid from the potatoes will suffice. Add pepper to your liking and stir until well blended.

Heat up your frying pan on medium to high heat and add your lard. Lard it traditional and gives it a great flavor, but you can use your oil. Put enough lard or oil in the pan as if you were to deep-fry them but not entirely.

Use a large non-perforated vegetable spoon (not a soupspoon) and scoop some mixture into the pan. Slightly spread the pancake with the bottom of the spoon. You should be able to fit three (3) or four (4) pancakes at a time.

After a minute, get your turner, and break the bottom of the pancakes away from the pan and let them float. When the edges look like they are golden brown, carefully turn them over without splashing the grease. Let it cook as before and break loose again. Make sure they do not become crispy, just golden brown. I check the bottoms as I go along. After awhile you will get used to knowing how long it takes to cook them. Everyone’s oven is different.

When they are cooked, remove them from the pan and place them on a plate covered with a paper towel. If you want, you may try to let the lard or oil get back to temperature before you put another set in the pan. I like the pancake to be soft and not brittle. You may want to salt it before tasting it. It tastes much better that way. As you go along, you will be losing some of your lard or oil, so you may need to add more if you have a lot to cook. Just do not let it get so low that it starts to burn the pancake.

Always stir the mixture in the bowl before you take more out to place in the frying pan. The mixture may start to turn a little red, but that is okay. You will empty the bowl before long.

If, and I mean if, you have any leftover pancakes, let sit covered and when cool, put them in the refrigerator. You can take them out of the refrigerator the next morning, reheat them, and add eggs. It is like having hash browns but with a different texture. As long as they are salted, I still eat them cold from time to time.

It is fast, simple, and easy. My mom often mixes sour cream to the mixture. I like mine plain. My kids like ketchup on them. Enjoy.


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  1. Basiati said,

    August 30, 2013 at 22:13

    I love it! I am Polish and that is what my Mom does!!! The lard is essential – it trully gives a very special nice taste….. mniam! ;o)

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