Perfecting A Day Of Remembrance

I would like to share a piece I wrote for a customer. Unfortunately, I do not know who that customer is. I’m not aware if I still own the publishing rights, that is why I am writing this short prologue, so I am reprinting it in hopes all of you will appreciate the subject, because I just couldn’t see limiting it to an isolated location. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to read it. Enjoy!

“The most intense and extraordinary day of a couple’s journey in life is the short-lived and frenzied day of their wedding. The tumultuous sorting of every aspect for that day finally reaches its peak the morning of the union between two loving partners as they face each other at the altar. When the ceremony ends in a loving kiss, the couple walks down the aisle, both well-wishing guests and family members relax and migrate to the elaborate decor of the reception hall. Everyone prepares to find their way to their respective tables and they gaze at one of the most important aspects of dining, the admiration of the elegant wedding centerpiece adorning the table.

As they comment on the uniqueness of the centerpiece, they look at all the other tables and see how every decorated table has its own specially designed centerpiece. Whether the bride chooses the elegant wedding centerpiece herself or collaborates with a wedding planner, the centerpieces are made to attract the attention of all attendees.

Perhaps the floral arrangements are especially designed in combination with other items that accentuate the flowers. Perhaps each guest has a small personal replica of the centerpiece. When the wonderful decision is made, it has to be a showpiece.

The idea of an elegant centerpiece, does not always need to be floral. If the future bride investigates all the possible opportunities, she can deviate from the traditional if need be. There are many wondrous centerpieces created by inventive artists. And, if perhaps the bride decides on something more original, then so be it.

There are multitudes of designs. Hand-blown crystal vases, figures, or specially painted ceramics can be incorporated into the centerpiece. There are artists that create majestic country scenes made from twisted wire and formed into trees with limbs adorned with Austrian crystals. Scenes can be specialized to apply to the guests seated at each table. Combinations of floral design and unique artistic creations can be awe-inspiring.

The day soon ends and the bride and groom are still in bewilderment from the guests talking, the photograph taking, the music, and the dancing. They look forward to taking that deep breath far from their friends and family.

The day is done and the elegant centerpieces are for the taking. The bride would have devised a plan for the lucky recipient of each centerpiece. I am sure she would have had difficulty in parting with the most elegant of wedding centerpieces, a glorious tribute to her life’s journey and remembrance of her day of perfection and love.”


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