Play Idiot Solitaire To Avoid Boredom

When I was younger and there was nothing to do or I was traveling in the back seat of the car, I always had a deck of cards with me for those long trips. I am 62 years old now and I have never beaten this solitaire game. I did come close a few times but that was about the extent of it. Occupying my brain was always the challenge in those days, and still is by the way.

You need one deck of 52 playing cards. Shuffle the deck until it is well mixed. If it is a new deck, shuffle extensively. After you shuffle, while still holding the deck in your hands, flip the deck so it is facing you. Now fan the top first four (4) cards. (See photo 1.) Look closely at the four cards. They show four (4) unrelated cards, both by suit and by face (i.e. Hearts, Spades, etc. or Threes, Jacks, Aces, etc.) At this point, you ignore them because you cannot do anything with them.


Look at the first four (4) cards in the next example (See photo 2.) You will see there are two (2) cards that are the same at both ends. In this example, the two (2) cards are Spades. When this sequence happens, you can remove/discard the middle two (2) cards.

Figure 2

You can put the discarded cards off to the side. If there is no place to discard them, take the two (2) cards, reverse them, and place them at the back of the deck (See photo 3.) This reversal will keep you from repeating those cards. You can continue that way until the end of the game.

Figure 3

Look at the first four (4) cards again in the next example (See photo 4.) You will see there are two (2) identical face cards at both ends. In this example, the two (2) end cards are Tens (10’s). When this sequence happens, you remove ALL four (4) cards. You now have the basic rules. You can continue to play the game after you complete the step with the first four (4) cards.

cards figure 4

Look at the next example (See photo 5) and you can see that the first four (4) cards do not match any condition for removal. What you proceed to do is ignore the first card and continue with the next four (4) cards. (Observe the four (4) cards lifted to illustrate the point.) You keep ignoring cards until four (4) cards are similar for removal as stated in Step three (3) & Step four (4).

cards figure 5

The final example (See photo 6) shows what happens during play when you discard the two (2) center cards between the Hearts. The cards to the left (Two of Hearts) and to the right (Queen of Hearts) of the discards are joined together. Now you get another play. You can remove the Five (5) of Hearts and the Eight (8) of Spades because they are now located between two (2) Hearts.

cards figure 6

Whenever you remove cards, go back to the beginning and once again fan the first four (4) cards to see if the sequence has changed. It may or may not change for more card removal. You keep repeating the method of going forward and back until you reach the end. Once you cannot remove any more cards, count the remaining cards left in your hand (Ignore the reversed cards as they are discards and out of play.)

The idea of Idiot Solitaire is to get rid of all your cards. Anything left is the result of a lost game. However, don’t fret, you can reshuffle and try to beat your final card count.


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