Anti Gun Video Analysis

I reviewed Obama’s antigun video. It depicts what to do if a shooter’s gunfire is heard close by. It shows how to shut the door, locking it, blocking it with heavy items (if there are any) and grabbing a pair of scissors from a drawer. If no scissors available, then duck under a desk (if you have one). I’m sure that the closed door will keep the shooter from entering the room even after he shoots off the lock and door knob. I am amazed that the Federal Government has to spend money on something that any individual with common sense can figure out for themselves. Goes to show you how ignorant the government seems to think we are.
Well I’ve decided to do one better. I made a pair of holsters and bought the longest and sharpest scissors and placed them in the holsters, one on each hip. The police do not need to worry because I don’t need a permit to carry and I can walk around without worry knowing the sight of these scissors will scare the would-be shooter from attacking or mugging me. These scissors are the greatest lifelines between me and the oncoming bullet shot from a non-registered gun with the serial numbered filed off. My super scissors will protect me (I hope) if I get close enough to impale the perpetrator. Perhaps my scissors can deflect the bullets from harming me like Wonder Woman’s bracelets.
Can anyone see the outrageous scenario the Obama Regime created, wasting money on a video doing absolutely nothing to physically protect the individual from a raging gunman? The Federal government cannot totally uphold all the gun laws already enacted. It’s unfortunate that people get hurt and often killed. The government cannot regulate anger, stupidity or those with mental illness. Owners of weapons should be taught and well versed on safety, whether it’s a hand gun, a rifle, or a knife. A word to the wise; Parents take heed. It is your fault if your descendants go astray; leave the government out of it. Society should concentrate on family values. However, no one can regulate the functionality of that perspective either. Between the irresponsibility of dead beat dads and the promiscuity of young teenage girls and women, they can care less about contraception. I suppose the real reason was both partners were in a comatose condition of sexual passion. Hello welfare office.


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