Climate Change Presumption

Concerns on climate change are presumptuous. I cannot comment on the Antarctic ice situation as I only knew one technician that worked at the Antarctic Base. However, valued dependence on the 40 years of scientific data, by the best climactic scientists, is a false premise.
To explain the warming, it is only temporary and not an eventuality. No matter what future predictions are made and the masses adhere to the climatologists’ claims; it has already created mass absurdity. It is a superfluous malady that is difficult to rein in.
I must iterate; facts of 40 years of induced computer software data analysis is simply conjecture and not finite. Even I, at 62 years of age, learned back in 9th grade Earth Science, earth’s climate changes continuously for an uncertain period of time. This fact is definitive since we cannot alter the earth’s movement.
I’m referring to the imaginary axis between the north and south poles. Looking down on the axis at the North Pole, the earth tilts or oscillates depending on the season, forward and backward. But this is not a simple statement and should be understood in its entire context.
Global tilting is never consistent. The imaginary axis moves on a path similar to a toothed cog with uneven teeth. The tilting occurs over a period of years and never returns to exactly the previous point on the tooth. It will take a multitude of years before all tilts finally reach the peak of one tooth and a new oscillating cycle begins until the axis returns to the bottom of the gear tooth.
In retrospect, there always will be climactic changes, some better and obviously some worse. I am sure there are other atmospheric inducements to make climate unpredictable. By being hyped to make a difference trying to resolve the global warming issue is totally foolish and not a reasonable course to take. As in my previous blog, what we do to alleviate the warming problem is an act of futility. What we do here in the US of A will never be done in total by other countries. It is an uncontrollable cycling of climate change. It would better serve everyone to help people when they are devastated by our changing climate. Let’s hope a renegade asteroid doesn’t fall and alleviate all our survival problems.


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