The Newtown Gun Slaying

Since the tragedy in Newtown, everyone is blaming the guns and wanting more gun control. I have an easy solution for all those schools. Hiring guards is a major cost especially to the tax payer. The solution is simple. All the doors, except maybe two, should only open from the inside for emergencies and fire. The front and back doors should have a metal gate like the store fronts in or New York City. The latch and lock should be covered by a heavy metal plate so it cannot be reached or destroyed by gun fire.
On an inside wall away from the gate will be a “push to open” button similar to the automatic ones in hospitals. A secondary key lock shall also be near it just in case of electrical outage. It will remain closed all day during school hours.
The person in Newtown that gunned down the children suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome a form of Autism. No one knows how difficult it is to live with someone with that problem. I am now disabled and most of the burden is on my wife’s shoulders. Our 23 year old son is suffering from Asperger’s. Each case is different as my son is at the upper level (high intelligence) of the Syndrome. He rarely watches TV but is on his computer most of the day. He has insomnia problems, an eating disorder, agoraphobic to a certain level, and germ phobic to the extreme. He also has muscle problems and is extremely thin. And yes he has tattooed himself, pierced himself because he normally doesn’t feel the pain.
Luckily he has a few friends that come and visit him for company as well as one younger brother and three older ones. However, if he gets angry or upset, my wife can usually calm him down. She also has a Power of Attorney (POA) for his legal issues and filling out medical paperwork.
We have waited forever to get help and doctors are not helping. Until we can get disability for him, we are burdened with all his needs with what little money we have. I wish that doctors would take more interest with this type of autistic problem as it is apparent that nobody really sees it as a major issue until another tragedy occurs. It’s not the guns; it’s the individual crying for help.


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  1. Zizi Garcia said,

    January 1, 2013 at 19:36

    Wow Emery, that is rough. The only part I can relate to, in my situation, is that with this darn economy, that is not helping me at all, there is much more money going out than there is coming into my household. I know there are no words to help ease you with my good intentions, but please try to always remember this. I’m always here to listen, my good friend.

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