The Ridiculous Hype of Global Warming

Here is another subject about hysterical groups that wallow and push their agenda for a pending world catastrophe in order to “Save the Planet.” It is always sad when there is one person who takes the lead and keeps perpetuating the agenda of Climate change even though he has no background on global education. Mr. Al Gore is nothing but a Kool-Aid server to his followers. In the 1970’s it was global cooling. In the 1980’s it was the ozone hole in the North Pole region. Since then it has been regulation to regulation to coincide with those climate and earth destruction scares.
There is always a controversy when it comes to who’s right or wrong when referencing scientific studies. Even when there is evidence of fraud and the perpetual climate scare was nothing but manufactured data, the convinced groups would not change their minds and continue to favor the idea of limiting, protesting, and pushing the government to make laws disrupting the normal course of living.
It was 1965 and I was in the 9th grade. My science teacher, Mr. Judd, explained so much in detail that it could be understood even for those who didn’t have the knack for science. He explained that the earth tilts every summer and returns during the winter. What that means is that it is summer in the northern hemisphere when the axis tilts toward the sun, and winter when then it returns. The southern hemisphere is a reversal of the same tilt.
However, there is another issue that contributes to the weather changes and that is the variations of earth’s orbital mechanics. For more info on that you can look up apsidal precession where it also deals with the earth’s elliptical orbit eccentricities.
What I want to concentrate on is the axis tilt. If you look down at the imaginary axis over a period of time, the movement is critical for those unaware of its importance. It looks like a toothed gear. But the gear teeth are never the same and each year the movement of the axis never returns to the same position. The axis tilts to 24.5° then comes back to 22.1° and back to 24.5°. The entire tilt movement takes approximately 41,000 years to complete. Just for your information, the tilt this year is at 23.44°. This tilt is now in the decreasing stage and it will be completed in the year 11,800 CE. The last maximum was reached in 8,700 BCE.
Now that you understand the complexity of the tilting with the additional orbital influence, and finally, the influence of the sun and the moon, ask yourself this question; how can anyone predict global warming with so many variables that can change each year without a constant? It can only be a wild guess, but never a finite answer.
You can look up to read about Milankovitch cycles. He describes the details including the orbital influences. Live your life without worrying about destruction. Be creative and make your life a meaningful occurrence rather than wasting time of your daily life.



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