The Silencing of Freedom

I would be leery of any Associated Press poll as it usually becomes statistically flawed and skewed. I personally have my doubts about any media polls and I have my own feelings of patriotism. Some would say I’m a cynic, but I would say I’m a realist. Peoples have been attacked and killed for any reason; for power, hate, religious views or pure greed. Would I give up my freedoms…absolutely not in any way, shape or form. If the government wants to protect us, do it without limiting our constitutional rights. Our citizens are turning into “sheeple” as someone once quoted. If you believe that the government has the right to shred our sacred Bill of Rights in the name of protection, you don’t belong here. You are better off living where a dictator would like to offer you his way of life. Today’s citizens are a bunch of zombies and masochists.

You may think these words are harsh, but if you sit back, use your brain and consider what your life would be like under a dominating government. You want protection? Give it to your local government where everyone has a choice to live. Keep the federal government from doing a state’s job and have Washington, D C. keep our shores safe here and in foreign countries before they come to our shores.

War and peace is like growing corn. You can’t have some peace without war and you can’t reap the corn without putting up with the stench of fertilizer, sweat, and the will to succeed. There is no era, decade, or millennium back to the dawn of time where there was total world peace. The answer will always be the same, not in anyone’s lifetime.

Man will never change because of free will. Man chooses his path at every fork in his life. Good and evil intentions will always be at war. Historically, our country has been the closest to keeping their citizens away from tyranny because the citizenry fought to keep and protect those rights. Many feel oppressed by the word “fighting,” because no one wants to see sons, daughters, or husbands die in the act of war. People must understand that it is always the choice of the person to enlist in war. Relatives should look at their siblings as men and women and not as children to protect them from harm. Parents should grow up and accept the patriotism of their offspring and honor them rather than blame the war. When attacking an enemy needs to be done, consider it as defending. That’s how the government keeps the war from your front yard, your immediate family, and your way of life safe from destruction.

“The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.” ~Dwight D. Eisenhower


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